A Little Progress

Posted November 22, 2014 by ~Felicia~
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Back, trapezius, deltoids, and rhomboids coming along. Working on my wings (latissimi dorsi). I’ve been focusing long Sunday workouts on my back. I broke shoulders and traps into separate days as well. My workout schedule has roughly been: back; legs; bi/tri and abs; shoulders; then traps and abs. I do cardio on as many days as I can (except leg day) before I workout. My calves are growing and my quads, glutes and hams are getting stronger. It takes time and dedication for sure. This is a three month progress pic of my current target area…middle back~ rhoms.


Thought Wrong

Posted November 22, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Addiction, Body and Mind, Connection, Disconnection, Fitness, Gym, Health and Fitness, Humor, Meme, Men, No Love, Obsessions, Outer Beauty, Workout


~~Meme by Felicia~~

The Medicine Cabinet

Posted November 22, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Body and Mind, Dedication, Energy, Fitness, Gym, Health and Fitness, On the Right Track, Organics, Personal Glimpses, Strength, Supplements, Workout


~Actually...a photo of my kitchen counter.~


Posted November 21, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Allusion, Animals, Beasts, Beauty, Body and Mind, Connection, Disconnection, Metaphors, No Love, Pain, Poetry, Poets, Weakness, Writers, Writing


Powerless. Sensation gone.
All feelings left to fold.
Venomous…the sharpest tongue
by which a beauty’s lulled.
Numbed by tender nothingness
to kill off all the pain.
Desensitize a helpless soul for
you were set to gain.
An anesthetic touch of skin
from a constricting beast.
Poisonous and incomplete
until on my heart you feast.
by Felicia Lujan
November 21, 2014

Moonlit Wish

Posted November 21, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Allusion, Body and Mind, Connection, Darkness, Disconnection, Dreams and Transformations, Light, Moon Signs, Pleasure and Pain, Poetry, Poets, Writers, Writing

Draped in blackened,
candied dreams, a
priestess of the stars.
Keeping purple haze
and a moonlit wish
bottled up in jars.
by Felicia Lujan
November 21, 2014

Da Middle for You Too

Posted November 21, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Bad Ass, Disconnection, Giving, No Love, Pain


How to Get Abs

Posted November 21, 2014 by ~Felicia~
Categories: Awesomeness, Bad Ass, Beasts, Body and Mind, Dedication, Diet, Fitness, He Muscle, Health and Fitness, Inspirational, Men, On the Right Track, Pleasure and Pain, Workout


Great tips Mike!

Originally posted on Ripped Runner Fitness:

How to get Six Pack Abs

1) Get Lean – Drop your body fat to about 12% or less. This is achieved through consistent nutrition, cardio and weight lifting. This may take you 6 months, or years. Depends on your effort and consistency. You can drop about 2-4 pound’s safely per week

2) Work your Core – As you drop body fat, working your abs will help shape and define them. But, if you do not follow step number 1, you will never see the ab muscles underneath the water weight and belly fat. Focus on body weight ab exercises, a mix of exercises where you bring your knees to your chest and others where you bring your torso towards your knees.

3) Stay Lean – Staying lean is hard, but not impossible. It takes careful planning, especially if you were once overweight. You have to…

View original 77 more words

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