Most Memorable: ARMA Live Conference 2014~ San Diego, CA

Posted October 30, 2014 by ~Felicia~
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~Expo Hall...Oxygen Party Bar~


I didn’t get to do everything I *really* wanted to do in San Diego, but aside from everything I was there to learn about…here is a list of my favorite/most memorable things.

•••••Hanging with smart people the whole time.🙌

•••••Witnessing a breathtaking, vibrant California sunrise.🌇

•••••Visiting an Oxygen Party Bar in the Expo Hall. My fragrance included “kiss me all over” and “sex on the beach.”💋

•••••The lovely scents and sights of San Diego.👀

•••••Amazing PowerPoint presentations for the opening session.🙊

•••••Broken Yolk Cafe☕

•••••Swimming under the stars.🌠

•••••A mind-blowing keynote presenter.✅

•••••How data can be compared to zombies.💻

•••••The beautiful night skyline.🌃

•••••Clean, manicured nails and hands.✋ I want them!!!!

•••••Walking 20 miles to get across the convention center.🏃

•••••Drinking by the ocean.⚓

•••••Night sounds of the city.🌉

•••••A long, hot bath.🛀

•••••Realizing how hard it must be to seamlessly coordinate such an intricate conference with so many attendees.📃

•••••The Crawl and Cocktail Party in the Expo Hall (except for some parts).🍺

•••••Cheering for Jackie to win the drawing.👏

•••••Joe’s Crab Shack😍💜

•••••Margaritaville🍸(yes…I know this is a martini)

Photo Journey: ARMA Live Conference 2014~ San Diego, CA

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Notes: Case Study- How We Did It: Lessons from IG’s Smartest Peers

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Case Study- How We Did It: Lessons from IG’s Smartest Peers (Enterprise Records Management at Comcast) presented by Ralph Furino, Comcast Corporate Records and Information Management and Tamara Hoagland, Information Management Specialst with Information First, Inc.

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

This session focused on the use of HP Records Manager (formerly HP TRIM). The software “is a scalable enterprise document and records management (EDRM) solution that simplifies the capture, management, security, and access to your information in business context.”

•••They ingest records using TRIMport as Text Tabbed Delimited files.

•••Metadata is extracted and
encrypted data is uploaded to a secure FTP site.

•••Files are decrypted in a batch program to concatenate multiple metadata files into one import file.

•••They are able to run an “empty container report” to see which images didn’t transfer.

•••The use WebDrawer is part of the  standard license of HP TRIM/RM.

•••Images displayed in WebDrawer are the masters and not a copy.

•••The system can be set up to host anonymous users, named users or super users.

•••Active Directory is used to control security with regard to anonymous access.

•••Searching is done via WebDrawer in a web portal.

•••Supports more than 1,300 viewer formats.

•••Records can be redacted electronically while preserving the integrity of the master image.

•••When records are destroyed, metadata is retained and the master digital image is overwritten 10 times, which is in accordance with federal destruction standards.

•••It was recommended (for data integrity) not to use leading zeros on any numeric field because data will be truncated and difficult to manipulate/search.

•••Make sure to complete an upgrade and user acceptance testing in a development environment before moving into a production environment.

•••Use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop automated electronic image imports instead of HPTrim port.

•••Back end database utilizes Oracle and SQL.

My questions were:

Is there a digital preservation module with HP Records Manager which allows for check sums and object validation? Answer was yes.

Is there a way to search multiple documents which have been retrieved and automatically identify confidential information for redaction? Answer was yes.

Notes: Can You Destroy Paper Records That Have Been Imaged?

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Can You Destroy Paper Records That Have Been Imaged? Presented by Robert Williams and Ronald Hedges, J.D.

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

Take a look at White Paper Cohasset prepared for IBM on the legality of digital image copies.

Uniform Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records Act (UPA) Conditions= records and copies must be made in ordinary course of business

Decision tree under the Federal Rules of Evidence is often used for the steps of admissibility with regard to trustworthy evidence.

For more on authenticity of email look at the Lorraine Decision.

Records can be destroyed once they are imaged if: they are no longer required in the regular course of business; and they are not be subject to any active legal hold order.

Defensible Disposition= complying with all internal processes, you are meeting legal requirements, you are following a retention schedule, use compliance forms.

How do you make the process of disposing records defensible?
1- By what authority were the records destroyed, 2- How were they destroyed, 3- Who destroyed the records, 4- When were the records destroyed

Management Evidence details goals, policies and procedures

Notes: Strategies to Deliver Unstructured Data as Relevant Data

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Strategies to Deliver Unstructured Data as Relevant Data presented by Adele Carboni, CRM, PMP

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

Focus on unstructured data
Unstructured data= 80%
Structured data= 20%

Defining Taxonomy

Taxonomy Support= organizational chart, records retention schedule, review of shares structure currently being used.

Taxonomy goals= develop a controlled vocabulary, metadata relationships, provide non-technical users with a way to visualize and verify data, utilize attributes to allow for search to narrow results

Taxonomy Development= Browsing, Search, Hybrid, Index, Classify, Auto-classify

In a manual taxonomy structure in the electronic environment, if a folder isn’t being used, then it is removed if it hasn’t been used between 3-6 months for a taxonomy filing.

Retention Schedules go hand and hand with taxonomy (functional taxonomy or departmental taxonomy)

Assign retention at the highest level possible. Assign filing at the lowest level possible. Understand parent/child relationships.

Notes: When Employees Leave: E-discovery and RIM in Dynamic Environments

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When Employees Leave: E-discovery and RIM in Dynamic Environments presented by Antonio Rega, Scott Giordano, Esq., David Yerich, J.D.

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

This is not just for terminations it is also for employees who leave for another position.

Sanctions= a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule or official approval for an action or to impose a sanction or penalty on.

Did a text pole asking “which information governance effect on e-discovery is the biggest area of concern for you?” Data identification, data preservation, data disposition and preservation (won this round).

Keep a Master Custodian List= a list of all current employees, separated employees, employees with records on hold for legal reasons.

Average employee seperation rate is 13%-15%

Exit interview process is an important part of employee departure to be sure everything is in order.

Important to have a process in place to remove or retain employee files after seperation.

Spoliation= recycled computers, deleted e-mail accounts, purged file shares, destroyed paper files. Spoliation is an e-Discovery risk. Some employees may intentionally destroy/delete records. There should be point people in IT, HR and RM to collect information/records before the employee departs.

Text poll…”How are you tracking employee movements to ensure data on legal hold is not accidentally deleted?” Answers were: data mapping, spreadsheets, standard communication between teams, and still formulating a process (won this one).

Notes: Big Data Redefines RIM- New Threats, New Opportunities

Posted October 29, 2014 by ~Felicia~
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Big Data Redefines RIM- New Threats, New Opportunities presented by Kon Leong, President and CEO, ZL Technlogies

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

A lot of buzz about big data analytics

Unified Data Management= 3 layers
Transaction Sources (shared files, IM, PST, ECM, Social Media, email, cloud data
Unified Archive
External Systems

Big data analytics for strategic advantage
There are already 4 ROIs to justify the archive— compliance, e-discovery, records management, e-storage

He says we need to return to the phrase “information management” versus “information governance” because the term governance is associated with risk

e-trash or e-treasure?

The need for RIM is from 0% to 100% retention

Skills needed in the future= eArchiving, eCompliance, eRIM, eDiscovery, eAnalytics

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