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April 18, 2014


Cleanse yourself in waters pure.
Sweat and tears will be the cure.

Smudge your skin with loveliness.
Rinse off pain, but leave the rest.

Wash away what’s on your mind.
Water soothes…you too will find.

Treat my nape to tender bites.
Then kiss my lips. I will not fight.

Steamy hips await a shower break.
Bad and wet for goodness sake.

by Felicia Lujan



April 16, 2014


Touch the sparkle.
Reach out.
Lick electricity.
Burning sparks.
Feel the sparkle.
Fingers search.
Taste energy.
Singed by sparks.
by Felicia Lujan

Heart of Glass: A Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan ~★~

April 16, 2014
~Heart of Glass~ Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan

~Heart of Glass~
Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan


April 14, 2014


Gratefully he strode across her chest to enslave her heart with metal links of the highest grade.

Her fire could melt chains forged by Hephaestus, yet she was content to wear his chains still.

In his honor she had moved mountains. Captivated by magic in the sky they touched.

Gratefully he strode across her chest. Enslaving her heart and chaining moon to sun.

by Felicia Lujan


April 10, 2014

“And the flowers were put to death…sentenced by the very earth which had given them life.”
~~~~~~Felicia • 4.10.14


~Dry sunflowers in my backyard.~

Papercuts by Val

April 10, 2014


I had been meaning to share pictures of some of the awesome presents my friend Val made for some of us at work. She is an amazing papercut artist. Links to her site and her contact info can be found through the links below. She’s a gifted woman and her site is worth a visit! She also sent me a sweet text that day! I’m glad she thought I was a good boss.

Dark and Lovely: the Art of Val Rangel by Felicia Lujan

Queen of Cuts and Paper: The Artwork of Valerie Rangel by Felicia Lujan

Xx~ Bondage ~xX

April 8, 2014



Vanillaness…just melt away.
Bound by fire. Forced to stay.

Roped up flesh and skinned up knees.
Let Rocky Road become your disease.

Vanillaness…just evaporate.
Bound in sunset. Pushed by fate.

Roped up tight. Warm to the touch.
Let the flavorful become a crutch.

Vanillaness…there’s an escape.
Add cinnamon and end the wait.


by Felicia Lujan

Infinite Neverland °∞°

April 7, 2014

Breathing deep…bubbles
soothed her. She submerged
herself in warmth and laced her
skin with the opacity of silken
orbs. Her breath lifted suds
swift as a dream. Breathing
deep…bubbles made her

human. Each salty drop
plunged from her soul into
the sea of infinite Neverland.
by Felicia Lujan

Algorithm for a Hero: The Cap and His Sniper

April 5, 2014

Today was strictly reserved for Captain America. The Winter Soldier was super awesome. It would be cool to see it again. God you really gotta love these movies! How can you not?? Can’t wait for No.3 with “the Twins!” There was a sneak peek and I can tell I’m gonna love those characters. An algorithm played a major role in the storyline which was way beyond exciting to a lover of 1z & 0z (see Death of the Algorithm).


It was great to see Washington, DC on the big screen following my visit there for the Best Practices Exchange (see State of the Digital Union). One of my top scenes of the whole movie featured Captain America running near the Washington Monument. I actually saw a lot of people running while I was out there (see Crab Cakes and Cardio). The Cap is working out wearing a gray, fitted Under Armour tee (awesome). He pauses for a resting pose right in front of the US Capitol with his bi veins lookin’ all 3D ~n~ such (awesome).


No.2 was basically a story about friendship. How imperfect is that?! There were multiple friendships at play in the storyline, but the best, most heartbreaking was the “friendship” between Black Widow and Captain America. There is already an underlying spark between the mysterious spy and the clear cut hero, but when Steve’s lips meet Natasha’s for show they realize there is something more. This only happens in the movies though. Right? Or maybe just between men with really vascular arms and women in really tight catsuits? Who knows? Never the less, the Captain isn’t having it.


Captain America enjoyed the kiss, but insists on friendship. During a heart-to-heart, the Black Widow asks “is that your first kiss since 1945?” The Cap responds with…”it’s kinda hard to trust someone when you don’t know who they are.” Hummm…interesting eh? She’s a poisonous, heart wrenching, sniper silly?! Maybe that’s what he thinks anyway? The Widow says, “Yeah. Who do you want me to be?” She’ll be what he wants. Of course he says “how ’bout a friend?” What a guy! She tells him “there’s a chance you could be in the wrong business Rogers!” Naw…his business is straight!


I want the money I spent on this movie back! Serious! It was awesome, but I got gypped hard!! I thought that in the movies, super hot, good guy heroes and super sexy, mysterious spy chicks end up together? It’s the movies right?? But…naww…friends it is! Guess this time I can’t say…”only in the movies” ha? There was one good aspect of this faux friendship. Captain America saved the Black Widow’s life not long before their kiss. After they had the heart-to-heart, she asked him if he at least trusted her to save his life if needed and he said yes. I guess that’s something!?


Winter Soldier was indeed awesome. Maybe the screenwriters can rewrite the script? I could always ask them to write in the Punisher? Maybe Robert Redford…I mean Alexander Pierce will hook a sista up? He should let his fellow stars know that in Hollywood, the sexy spy always gets her hero! Maybe Kang Zhao at the University of Iowa can help the screenwriters develop an algorithm for that ha?? Maybe?


~~★★★★NAW….only in the movies!!★★★★~~

No Stand~In

April 3, 2014


Archivists Make It Last Longer

April 3, 2014


★•••Sticker on the desk drawer in my office.•••★

Today I attended day 1 of the 2014 Information Governance Conference sponsored by the Northern New Mexico Chapter of ARMA. I had a really good day. Got to spend time with people I’ve known for years and I also met some interesting people. It is always a great pleasure to be around others who genuinely care about what they do. I came away from day 1 confirming yet again that I love what I do.

I was meant to be where I am professionally, though I am itching for knowledge and growth again. I have close to two decades of experience managing records and at least a decade of digital experience. I also confirmed today that no matter what, experience trumps the best talkers. “Archivists make it last longer.” Yes we do! Love that sticker!!

Target Practice

April 1, 2014


“It was something… the way a person’s life picked up speed, the way a life was like a bullet aimed at one final target, impossible to slow or turn aside, and like the bullet, you were ignorant of what you were going to hit, would never know anything except the rush and the impact.”

★Joe Hill
(author and son of
Stephen and Tabitha King)

War Wounds

March 31, 2014


Though the great goddess needn’t be validated by gods nor man, Aphrodite remained marked. Her treasured badge…the flawless insignia of the God of War. A potent scar seared her skin worse than the poisoned arrow Eros had laced. Twas the pierce of that very arrow which had the power to bring the hardened god to his knees in defeat. 

~~~~~by Felicia Lujan

The Unification of Fantasy and Reality

March 29, 2014
Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels.”
~•••••Francisco De Goya
(Male~Romantic Artist)

“Fantasy is not escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”
~•••••Lloyd Alexander
(Male~ Fantasy Author)

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
~•••••Albert Einstein
(Male~ Theoretical Physicist)

“Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can.”
~•••••Sir Terry Pratchett
(Male~Fantasy Author)

“I believe dreams represent the purest form of fantasy we unleash through our subconscious. They represent the truest freedom we can experience. Totally unrepressed and totally creative.”
~•••••Miguel Jontel Pimentel
(Male~ RnB Artist, Songwriter and Producer)



The wish I found today while I was outside. Wishes, dreams, fantasy, reality…they are all relative and important to humanity.

There is no separation between fantasy and reality. These are not two different lands. They are both realms of one land…the mind. What differentiates these two realms of the mind is our ability to move from one into the other successfully when we want fantasy to become reality. We are inspired by fantasy. In essence, this is moving from theory into practice…mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, artistically, and sexually.

Kim Elizabeth once said “my imagination completely controls me, and forever feeds the fire that burns with dark red light in my heart by bringing me the best dreams.” She is an award-winning dark fantasy author and poet among other things. As a woman, she actively engages her fantasies to bring her writing to life. Her fantasies have made fame a reality. However, the use of fantasy to understand and eventually act in the real world is not a uniquely feminine practice.

Just above you can read quotes from five unique men. They are all very different, yet these quotes show at least one common thread running through the psyche of each. Yes. It’s true. Women use fantasy, but so do men. Another man, Dr. Edward Vockell with Purdue University examines the real world application of fantasy in Educational Psychology: A Practical Approach. His studies look at factors “influencing individual motivation” with regard to fantasy.

Dr. Vockell’s studies show a correlation between fantasy and intrinsic motivation. As a man, he says that fantasy “plays a role when learners use mental images of situations that are not actually present to stimulate their behavior.” His studies show that we use fantasy to learn so “learners may use their imaginations to meet challenges, satisfy curiosity, exercise control, or experience interpersonal motivations without directly participating in the imagined activities themselves.”

These studies are particularly interesting because intrinsic motivation is spurred by fantasy. Dr. Vockell’s research proves that the “emotional elements” of fantasy “can make learners more willing to engage in an activity…” Like doing something they have never done or going somewhere they have never gone. He also attaches the cognitive elements of fantasy which can “make learners more willing to engage in an activity by enabling” them “to imagine themselves actually” bringing fantasy to life.

This made me want to learn about what motivates us to move from fantasy to reality. After reading Intrinsic Motivation in Psychology: Definition, Examples & Factors, I learned about how fantasy can “stimulate intrinsic motivation” because as learners, we can practice doing what we want before going live! Call it a mock life. This white paper said that fantasy is a motivating factor because “behaviors can be encouraged by the use of imagery.”

The other factors I found interesting were challenge and curiosity. With regard to a challenge, this study says “we’re highly motivated when we’re working toward goals that are personally meaningful to us and require some amount of difficulty to achieve.” This factor helps us meet our goals and fulfill our dreams. According to this study, curiosity “can motivate us to take action.” So…fantasy enables motivation and “motivation is what drives us to take some action.”

Both men and women live in a fantasy land. They live simultaneously in fantasy and reality. Fantasy land is where we practice things we want to bring life to. I mentioned six men and one woman in this piece who value fantasy. These people understood/understand how fantasy relates to reality. This understanding brought each fame and fortune, but more importantly it made their dreams come true.

The Romantic Artist of the Spanish Crown said it best. Francisco De Goya said that “fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels.” Don’t rely on reality and reason alone. Don’t abandon fantasy. Don’t produce impossible monsters. In time, if fantasy is nurtured and united with reality, something marvelous may happen.

Drawing Strength

March 28, 2014

image*~Lindsey Valenzuela~*
Crossfit Athlete and
Olympic Weightlifter
Bad days make me
feel good in the
gym!!  I saw a vein in
my shoulder today!
Some good news
eh? Indeed!!

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