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The Royal Road Project with customized Panoramic Monitor installed at New Mexico State Arts

April 23, 2013


Awesome!! <3
I love my state.

Originally posted on Art & Emerging Technology:

The Royal Road Project Pano_Final112

The collaborative art team of Ethan Bach, J Craig Tompkins and Charles Veasey are pleased to announce that The Royal Road Project is currently showing at New Mexico State Arts at the Bataan Memorial Building 407 Gallisteo St in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then it will be moved just down the road to Currents 2013 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe located at 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 14, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

The Royal Road Project_birds_flight

The artists spent days shooting along the El Camino Real Trail de Tierra Adentro from El Paso, Texas to Taos, New Mexico documenting the trail at least every 15 miles. The trail, which began as an Indigenous foot path, became a treacherous road for the first Spanish settlers. Wagons and trains followed. Travelers now speed down I-25 running parallel to one of the most significant trails in early…

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Of Stars

April 21, 2013

The new web site theme I designed is titled “Of Stars.”
For this site theme I selected the following quote:

Silently, one by one, in the
infinite meadows of the heaven,
blossomed the lovely stars,
the forget-me-nots of the angels.

Henry W. Longfellow

"Of Stars" web site theme designed by Felicia Lujan

“Of Stars” web site theme
designed by Felicia Lujan


Felicia Lujan: A Poet Through Time

April 13, 2013


A big thank you to Sahm and Papizilla for this feature piece. Of course Sahm killed it. I think imagery of me drinking words was the perfect symbolic fit for their web site theme. We Drink Because We’re Poets has been making poetic waves in the world of writing. If you haven’t paid the site a visit, please do so as there is much to offer there. The special piece I wrote for the feature was uploaded to my YouTube channel. The bottle in my hand is symbolic of how thoughts, dreams, and fears enter my body as words. It is there that these words become cohesive and transform into poetry.


Originally posted on We Drink Because We're Poets:

Good morning, everyone!  Have I the treat for you today!

Felicia Lujan_A Poet Among Poets

Felicia Lujan

I would like to introduce you all to Felicia Lujan, moderator of one of my favorite blogs, My Voyage Through Time!  The title of the blog speaks the truth of it, and on so many levels.  Felicia is an archivist with a very healthy love of history, a love that I can identify with.  Not only has she a fondness for history, but she is an avid reader and writer of poetry!  And you know that we here at We Drink Because We’re Poets do very much enjoy poetry!  For the longest time following Felicia’s blog, I had not even had the foggiest clue that she was a poet, then I saw her post one.  I didn’t realize it was hers, then I started noticing she was putting her name on them.  Boy was I blown away…

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The Anaconda Fight Club Rocks

April 5, 2013

I thought it was super cool that the Anaconda Fight Club in Barcelona picked up one of my digital composites on their Facebook page ~print screen courtesy of Brit :)~. How awesome! Now my work has touched Spain!  Very cool… This fight club also looks sweet. Nothin’ like some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu right? Look at my name under “foto.” Here is a link to my original post Māori: Origins of a Warrior. It was a research piece and a poem! A big thanks to the Anaconda Fight Club!!

Happy Friday Fighters!

Picked Up by the Anaconda Fight Club

Among the Gifted

April 2, 2013

I was very honored to be asked to develop a design to promote the 2013 Tony Hillerman Writers Conference. This is my second promotional design for WORDHARVEST. The first one I designed was for the Hillerman Prize. Over the last week, I worked to complete a flyer for Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg.

Anne and Jean founded WORDHARVEST 11 years ago, which is “devoted to the art and craft of writing.” WORDHARVEST sponsors the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference. I can’t wait to continue learning from these well known authors, and maybe one famous scriptwriter that I have never met. Anne and Jean have put together a fabulous array of gifted writers. This year, the conference will feature Anne Hillerman, James McGrath Morris, Kirk Ellis, Craig Johnson, David Morrell, Margaret Coel, Christine Barber, Linda Jacobs, Steve Havill, and many others!!

It would be awesome to talk with James McGrath Morris. He is the author of Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, and Power. As a former journalist, I have to read that book and get a special autograph from McGrath Morris. Joseph Pulitzer was a “media baron” who settled in St. Louis. The baron “transformed American journalism into a medium of mass consumption and immense influence.” How can I not read a book about the rise (and arguably the fall) of a champion of the Democratic Party? The media powerhouse is said to have “used his influence to advance a progressive political agenda and his power to fight those who opposed him.”

I would also love to meet the Emmy award winning screenwriter/producer Kirk Ellis. Ellis was the writer and the co~executive producer of John Adams (the HBO mini~series). He is also working on Blood and Thunder, which is an epic drama about Kit Carson and the Navajo Wars. In 2009, Ellis agreed to work on the adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway book Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir by A. E. Hotchner. You know I have to meet him right?! I adore Hemingway. Ellis also worked on the TV mini~series Into the West: Hell on Wheels and Anne Frank: The Whole Story.

I really can’t wait! Here is the design I came up with for the conference. It is sure to be a great!

~Designed by Felicia Lujan~

~Designed by Felicia Lujan~

~On the Mend~

February 14, 2013
On the Mend by Felicia Lujan

~~~On the Mend~~
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan
This digital piece is composed of four layers.
The image includes: a photograph of my right hand;
a photograph of my right eye; red paint; and a human
heart which was rendered in the negative.

Secret Weapon

January 21, 2013
~~~~~Secret Weapon~~~~~ Digital rendering and self portrait by Felicia Lujan

~~~~~Secret Weapon~~~~~
Self portrait and digital rendering by Felicia Lujan

Animate and inanimate weapon systems have been used since the beginning of time. The weaponry can by 2D, 3D, physical, and intellectual. A sophisticated arsenal of knowledge almost always accompanies the development, deployment, and use of every weapon. This often requires that the weapon be kept confidential. There are many reasons that a useful instrument may be kept secret. The web definition of “secret weapon” is “either a concealed weapon, or a weapon that is not officially confirmed by the owner.” Since many weapons are kept in the shadows, I wanted to share a few of my favorite secret weapons. It is always interesting to take a look at the dark side of intelligence.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has had a continuous love affair with secrecy. In the 1950s, the Skyhook retrieval system was developed and allowed the CIA, United States Navy and the United States Air Force to safely extract their personnel from the ground or the water. The secret retrieval system used an MC-130E Combat Talon aircraft to accomplish this. The Skyhook utilized a balloon, a harness and a nylon lift line to pull a secret agent to safety. A decade later, the Acoustic Kitty was developed as a mobile listening device. The “kitty” included a power pack and transmitter which was fitted into a real cat’s abdomen. The secret weapon included a microphone inside the cat’s ear canal, and an antenna along the spine. The CIA was then able to implant a bug into the ear of the cat which the agents used to spy on their enemies.

Recently there were two secret weapons revealed by power players in the computing world. In June of 2012, Microsoft’s top secret surface computing project which uses multi-touch technology and cameras was disclosed. The development team is said to have used an underground bunker called “the Garage” with no windows and biometric entry verification while researching the technology. The team also utilized a gang of high-tech armed security guards before they decided to officially unveil their work on the project. Later that year, we got an inside look at the “Apple Need to Know Confidential” better know as the Genius Training Student Workbook. Apple’s secret employee manual was revealed as an inside look at the company’s training methods. The unconventional manual is a guide to mastering the art of psychological coercion. Apple calls a person who masters the skill of mind manipulation a “genius” and then gives them a special blue shirt to wear.

Sometimes it is in the best interest of all to keep special weapons secret. I do find it interesting that the plight of a concealed weapon may ensure strength, but it could also foster weakness. Keeping inanimate weaponry at bay will likely keep an enemy or competitor on their toes. Maybe the less they know the better? In the case of an animate or intellectual instrument, it is possible that a life in the shadows may hinder the true potential of that weapon.

The Great Medusa

December 23, 2012

Jellyfish Theme
The first time I ever saw a box jellyfish, I was twelve.
Our father took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
I never forgot what he said… That it was the most
deadly creature on earth. To me it was just the
most beautiful thing I had ever seen.”

~~~Ben Thomas in the movie “Seven Pounds”

My new theme is centered on one of my favorite creatures. The jellyfish may be the most mysterious and deadly creature known to man. I took these photos of jellyfish on a recent visit to the National Aquarium. The aquarium is located along the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

If you have a chance, check out these two creative pieces I wrote which reference the jellyfish. One is titled Stinging Medusa (2012) and the other is titled Ocean of Whispers (2011).

~~Weight of My Heart~~

November 26, 2012
~~Weight of My Heart~~
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan

~~Weight of My Heart~~

My heart is heavy.
It is gilded for the
deepest warfare.
Only I can offer
the purest carats~
untouched by falsity.
This weight can crush
the strong and weak
while platinum strings
are tugged so carelessly.
This heart of hearts~
still penetrated
time and time again.
My heart is heavy.
This weightiness
a blessing~
at times a curse.
In the end I can only
hope that the scale
offers proof to
Gods and Men.

by Felicia Lujan
November 26, 2012

~Kill Switch~

October 20, 2012


Original poem and digital composite by Felicia Lujan
Composite features seven layers and six images including: labyrinthine circuit board lines; an Ethernet switch; a blue light; a sugar skull; a blue rose; and the number one doubled. “A kill switch, also known as an e-stop, is a security mechanism used to shut off a device in an emergency situation in which it cannot be shut down in the usual manner. Unlike a normal shut-down switch/procedure, which shuts down all systems in an orderly fashion and turns the machine off without damaging it, a kill switch is designed and configured to a) completely abort the operation at all costs and b) be operable in a manner that is quick, simple (so that even a panicking user with impaired executive function can operate it), and, usually, c) be obvious even to an untrained operator or a bystander. Many kill switches feature a removable barrier or other protection against accidental activation.”



“All systems failed,” molten overload~
smoke clouds my eyes so I can’t see.

Shatter my sky with electric sparks
until I writhe with needless agony.


Technologist~delight supreme~ the
bits and bytes eat an ever shrouded heart.

Penchant one please hit the switch, flesh
on my knees gone from the start.


Only heat can melt away frostbitten
dreams of eternal sleepy nights.

No earthly tribute would ever satiate
or bring my face into the light.


This debility a poison true,
every wire flushed out with pain.

Intangible~ you should reach for it.
Hit the kill switch~ keep me sane.


by Felicia Lujan
October 19, 2012

Why I Love My Sister

October 17, 2012

~~My Beautiful Sister~~
Laura Lujan (Lou)

Yesterday was “National Boss Day” which has been observed in the United States and Canada since the late 1950s. I didn’t even know until I got the sweet little message below~ handmade by my sister. Laura is awesome on so many levels. She is considerate, smart, funny, and a pleasure for me to be around. She and I could talk for hours about nothing at all and everything all at once. I have always felt that she is the best listener I know. I am always able to talk to her and she genuinely cares about what I have to say. That is a rare trait today. Most people glaze over when I talk to them or would rather pay attention to the world around them. My sister~ she is an amazing woman. She is a professional with class and respect. When it comes to her career as a certified auditor, she is meticulous and constantly strives for perfection. Lately my sister has been exploring her creative side a bit more which I love! She always takes the time to make me feel special. There is really no one like her. I am lucky that God blessed me. In her, I have found my best friend. Marilyn Monroe once said “this life is what you make it. Not matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends~ they’ll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything~ they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world.” Ahhhh~ Mz. Monroe~ she was so right!

~~A Hand Crafted Message for Boss Day~~
Made for me by my sister Laura.


October 14, 2012

Original poem and digital composite
featuring a corset by Felicia Lujan.





Liberate my painted~ moonlit soul

unlace an ocean and the deep.


Release the bosom~ pull on strings

untie the knots while I’m asleep.


Loosen a strand of needless time

undo the need to have a key.


Open me up~ corsets breed the weak

unfasten these ties and let me see.


Alter the fit and change the mold

I will promise to deflect the sun.


Free the wings secured by twine

for it is time to come undone.





by Felicia Lujan

October 14, 2012

Like Smoke

October 7, 2012


 There may be a great fire
in our soul, yet no one ever
comes to warm himself at it,
and the passers-by see
only a wisp of smoke.”

 ~~~~~~~~~~Vincent Van Gogh


~~Like Smoke Web Site Theme~~
Designed by Felicia Lujan

My new web site theme conveys an image of myself through the personification of smoke. Van Gogh said something along these lines once and I have used that quote as part of the theme. I have titled my new theme “Like Smoke” because I am~ well~ like smoke. I leave the interpretation of the properties of smoke up to you~ the reader~
you~ the viewer~ you~ the one who cares enough to interpret.

Bleed Out

September 28, 2012

~Bleed Out~
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan

~words hemorrhage from mind and soul~

~veins discharge a heavy silken ink~

~expel the pleasure to induce a dream~

~this pen a weapon used to teleport~

~release the heart of hearts by fingertips~

~paper leeching red drips like melting snow~

~increase blood flow to the messenger~

~heat lost when writer’s cramp sets in~

~regulate my soul unhindered voice~

~supply oxygen when tip and pages meet~

by Felicia Lujan

September 28, 2012

Silent Warrior

September 19, 2012

“Move as swift as a wind,
stay as silent as forest,
attack as fierce as fire,
undefeatable defense like a mountain.”

~Battle standard recorded in
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (Chapter 7)


~~~~~Silent Warrior~~~~~
A Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan

Using Adobe Photoshop to Create Digital Composites
Adobe Photoshop is one of the best programs ever written by lovely smart people. I have been using the program for at least 18 years. Right now my favorite tool is the puppet warp. It is definitely one of the programs that I can’t live without. Tonight I created a digital composite in about two hours called “Silent Warrior.” There are silent warriors all around you and maybe even you fight quiet wars? In my new digital composite I reveal myself as a silent warrior. Though the image represents me, it can also be you. It is a highly symbolic piece. The composite brings together four images which include: a photograph of me wielding a sword; an image of long eyelashes; an image of Halley’s Comet; and a mirrored mask. There is also one extraction from my photograph~ I have removed my mouth.

Using Symbolic Imagery In Silent Warrior
This piece is basically a self portrait, however, since I am faceless the warrior can also represent anyone and is not intended to be gender specific. I am holding a sword. The sword is symbolic of my weaponry~ be it physical or mental. I have used an image of Halley’s Comet as my hair, but the image also captures my mind. The nucleus of the comet is strategically placed to represent thoughts or ideas. These extraterrestrial bodies also travel around the sun and expel a curious glow due to solar radiation. The sun is also one of my symbols. The mirrored mask is a symbol of the faceless. A witness to the faceless warrior would simply see their own reflection. Lastly, my mouth was extracted from the photograph and that extraction is of course symbolic of silence.

~Creating “Silent Warrior” Using Adobe Photoshop~
LEFT- Extractions of background and mouth. Extractions were done using the mask technique. Addition of extracted eyelashes. The comet was added using a screen. RIGHT- Mirrored mask is added using a puppet warp and eyelashes are warped to fit the mask eye holes. My photograph was later rendered using a glowing edge technique and a soft glow.

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