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Like Smoke

October 7, 2012


 There may be a great fire
in our soul, yet no one ever
comes to warm himself at it,
and the passers-by see
only a wisp of smoke.”

 ~~~~~~~~~~Vincent Van Gogh


~~Like Smoke Web Site Theme~~
Designed by Felicia Lujan

My new web site theme conveys an image of myself through the personification of smoke. Van Gogh said something along these lines once and I have used that quote as part of the theme. I have titled my new theme “Like Smoke” because I am~ well~ like smoke. I leave the interpretation of the properties of smoke up to you~ the reader~
you~ the viewer~ you~ the one who cares enough to interpret.

Bleed Out

September 28, 2012

~Bleed Out~
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan

~words hemorrhage from mind and soul~

~veins discharge a heavy silken ink~

~expel the pleasure to induce a dream~

~this pen a weapon used to teleport~

~release the heart of hearts by fingertips~

~paper leeching red drips like melting snow~

~increase blood flow to the messenger~

~heat lost when writer’s cramp sets in~

~regulate my soul unhindered voice~

~supply oxygen when tip and pages meet~

by Felicia Lujan

September 28, 2012

Silent Warrior

September 19, 2012

“Move as swift as a wind,
stay as silent as forest,
attack as fierce as fire,
undefeatable defense like a mountain.”

~Battle standard recorded in
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (Chapter 7)


~~~~~Silent Warrior~~~~~
A Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan

Using Adobe Photoshop to Create Digital Composites
Adobe Photoshop is one of the best programs ever written by lovely smart people. I have been using the program for at least 18 years. Right now my favorite tool is the puppet warp. It is definitely one of the programs that I can’t live without. Tonight I created a digital composite in about two hours called “Silent Warrior.” There are silent warriors all around you and maybe even you fight quiet wars? In my new digital composite I reveal myself as a silent warrior. Though the image represents me, it can also be you. It is a highly symbolic piece. The composite brings together four images which include: a photograph of me wielding a sword; an image of long eyelashes; an image of Halley’s Comet; and a mirrored mask. There is also one extraction from my photograph~ I have removed my mouth.

Using Symbolic Imagery In Silent Warrior
This piece is basically a self portrait, however, since I am faceless the warrior can also represent anyone and is not intended to be gender specific. I am holding a sword. The sword is symbolic of my weaponry~ be it physical or mental. I have used an image of Halley’s Comet as my hair, but the image also captures my mind. The nucleus of the comet is strategically placed to represent thoughts or ideas. These extraterrestrial bodies also travel around the sun and expel a curious glow due to solar radiation. The sun is also one of my symbols. The mirrored mask is a symbol of the faceless. A witness to the faceless warrior would simply see their own reflection. Lastly, my mouth was extracted from the photograph and that extraction is of course symbolic of silence.

~Creating “Silent Warrior” Using Adobe Photoshop~
LEFT- Extractions of background and mouth. Extractions were done using the mask technique. Addition of extracted eyelashes. The comet was added using a screen. RIGHT- Mirrored mask is added using a puppet warp and eyelashes are warped to fit the mask eye holes. My photograph was later rendered using a glowing edge technique and a soft glow.

Skin and Stars

September 3, 2012

*****~SKIN AND STARS~*****
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan
Composite includes five images~ one image of a woman, one
image of space, one image of stars, and two images of hair.


Your memory~it is forever
tacked to perplexing luminosity.
A bright string of stars signed
on soft tissue~left by gravity.
Even the complex constellations
have nothing on this skin.
Thermonuclear fusion~creating
places astronomers haven’t been.
Release incalculable energy~
feel it filter down my spine.
Traverse inside and then radiate
becoming lost in time.
Supernovas amaze~injure my
mind while they leave a mark.
Observe this spectrum if you
can~it will brighten up the dark.
Binary~gravitationally bound
~comprised of not one but two.
Orbit around me~leave a tinge~
this skin was made for you.


by Felicia Lujan
September 3, 2012

A Rose and Caviar

August 26, 2012

This piece is an exploration of value. So many of us are
obsessed with having expensive things, yet we fail to
recognize those things which have true intrinsic value.

I should be soaring away
my head tilted slightly
the gods, feeding on
the caviar
of Shakespeare.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Laurence Olivier

*****A Rose and Caviar*****
Digital composite includes one photograph I took of my hand and a rose, as well as “gold” beads which are symbolic of caviar or riches. The rose is a symbol of many things. I am also wearing gold “caviar” nail polish (Britney :) ).


Sit and feed on caviar. It does not
give breath to unhinged dreams.
She asked him just to keep the
rose and all of the finer things.


Finger sparkles as he may, never
revealing diamonds in the rough.
In her hands she holds the clouds.
That has always been enough.


He will lick the sun before he sleeps,
still the gold he will not taste.
She values pleasure above all things
and heart she will not waste.


What she wants is never for sale,
but it’s worth currency unreal.
In her soul the rapture remains,
so she wants for him to feel.


She would sit and swallow caviar
hinged to everything she heard.
He asked if she would keep the
rose if it was simply just his word.

 by Felicia Lujan
August 25, 2012

Finding the Beauty Within

July 8, 2012

*****Finding the Beauty Within*****
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan. Includes two images- one of a Roman statue of a woman (using a colored pencil artistic filter), and an abstract spiral design.

Following is my overdue look at beauty for analysis
by Sahm of the Arkside of Thought

Beauty… What is my interpretation? I have never been asked. Beauty can be many things. It can be shallow. It can be deep. It can inspire. It can cause pain. Maybe you will spend your whole life looking for beauty because you are asleep? If you look up the definition of beauty, you will find definitions which say “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses (especially the sight)” or “a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect.”

The first question I asked myself when I started to write this was— when you think of beauty what do you feel? So I had already decided that beauty begins with a feeling. Feelings come from our psyche and our soul. Yes we all have eyes, and beauty can be superficial, but I think real beauty is so much deeper. It may also depend on: our professions; how we were nurtured; how we dream; or even what we care about or value. Like what about the book by Gary William Flake titled The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems, Adaptation? Or what about the article by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Aristid Lindenmayer titled The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants: The Virtual Laboratory? Are computers and plants beautiful? I think they are!

If I were writing my very own dictionary, beauty would need to be defined using multiple facets. For instance- I believe that the word beauty can be defined at least three ways. The hierarchy would start on the most basic level and would then work down to the most complex. I would also note that beauty does not simply apply to people. The most complex level would include those people and things which can be deemed beautiful because they touch us in profound ways. There is a great piece by Percy Bysshe Shelley titled Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. In this hymn, the writer mentions “unseen power” and the “spirit of beauty.” The most complex definition of the word beauty would include things which touch us to the very core. These are the things which will melt your mind. I must admit I have grown tired of the simple ways of looking at beauty. When you are truly awake, you will see all the beauty around you. It may be beauty you have never noticed or maybe the beautiful things you have missed.

My first definition would be superficial beauty. This would include the eyes or sight, and a symmetrical look at other people or things. I mean— how perfect are things visually? A second definition would be inner beauty or an asymmetrical look at people or things. That would be the beauty within ourselves or the beauty within another person or thing regardless of looks. What can I say? You know the third definition is my favorite and is also all encompassing. My third definition of beauty would be conscious beauty. This would be the ultimate form of beauty. This form of recognizing beauty involves all of our senses- sight, touch, scent, and listening. It is more than superficial beauty, and it is more than inner beauty. This type of beauty is something that moves you in a way that you have never been moved. When are you awake?? Now, when you think of something beautiful, what do you feel? When you experience conscious beauty you will tap your most intimate, and deepest feelings. Your spirit will be touched. That is true beauty.

The Loudest Silence

July 7, 2012

**********~The Loudest Silence~**********
~Digital composite by Felicia Lujan~
Created using three images including
an image of white noise, an image
of binary code, and an image symbolic
of communication.


A deafening stillness- static- feels
like one thousand needles in my ears.


Thunderous- the white noise is thick-
the deaf could hear a tongueless cry.


Blasting soundless waves- my senses
burning to hear through this silence.


The atrocious- a quiet roar builds,
then claps, then shrivels away.


Excommunicate- hear the loudest
noise blaring while binary disappears.


by Felicia Lujan_7.7.2012

Canvas of an Artist

July 2, 2012

***********~CANVAS OF AN ARTIST~***********
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan
Includes the following images: a spiral;
a paint brush; my eyes; and rain.


Hue less swirls submerge into the mist,

greeting absent traces of what exists.


Murky shades of the bluest grays,

freeze on order and then fade away.


An artist’s stroke is monochrome,

colorless, creativity is gone.


Shady lines separate before brush can touch.

Strokes distance themselves from color crutch.


Dreary are the dark willows which weep.

Acrylic floats above but into canvas seeps.


Insipidness, fingers are cold.

Canvas is mine to have and hold.


Secluded under constrained layers,

talent faded now by a dream slayer.


A missing swirl drips into the mist,

leaving absent traces of what exists.


by Felicia Lujan _7.2.2012


June 19, 2012


I do not want things I can’t grasp.

My fingers- weak- would simply break.


I will not wish for tomorrow wrapped in gold.

Wrapping- fragile- would simply turn to dust.


I wouldn’t like sun kissed heavens.

Heavenly- the sun- would simply melt my skin.


I haven’t yearned for an incalculable touch.

Calculations- hard- would simply pop my mind.


I do not crave reflections in broken glass.

A reflection- split- would simply sever my spirit.


I have no desire for costly cries.

My tears- warm- would simply melt the ice.


I shall not fancy an absent embrace.

An omission- gone- I would simply miss.


I never feel like walking with shadows.

Darkness- a void- would simply thrive on growth.


I do not want to covet the clouds.

This sky- distant- I could simply never reach.



by Felicia Lujan_6.19.2012

Candied Bullet

June 13, 2012

Digital Composite by Felicia

Who would think
candy so unsweet
just made to
leave decay?

A bullet swift to
pierce the soul
kill dreams and
leave dismay.


Lace your hands
with sugarcoat
still taste the

Faces burn
with anxiety
for this sniper
is the best.


Slug to the head.
Disguise a treat
made for your
tender mind.

Peppermint to
haunt and sting
then travel to
your spine.


Marksman set
to dulcify a
arsenal of pain.

Another shot
of metal tart to
ensure the mark
stays sane.


Candied bullet
take the pain as
unsweet melts
the day.

 Projectile aimed
ready to go
so don’t come
out and play.

by Felicia Lujan 6.13.2012

The Unseen

June 6, 2012

*****The Unseen*****
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan

The Unseen

 Almost like glass.
Smooth as silky decay.

One blank face to be
seen on another other day.

Mirror cracked. Emulate a
thought and then forget.

Futile visions of yesterday
fade with the sunset.

 Close to crystal clear,
yet clarity is isolated.

Heavy doors hold the
distant and overrated.

 Shadows talk with
weighty voices near.

It’s regrettable that
a silhouette can’t hear.

 Challenge invisibility.
Lend voices to the night.

Reveal the phantom, and
bring darkness into light.

 Walk soft among
the blind who see.

Just pass on by and
let the unseen be.

 by Felicia Lujan

Captured Without Sword: Symbolization in Snow White and the Huntsman

June 2, 2012

***The Golden Queen Ravenna***
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan.
Includes three movie screenshots
and one abstract design.

First a few thoughts aside from my look at the symbols in this movie… Charlize Theron was smokin’ hot- I mean with a capital “S.” Her acting was excellent, and she had the look of straight crazy in her eyes more than a few times. I could tell that she had been completely consumed by her character, which I loved. She *became* the Evil Queen Ravenna. She ruled the movie! I guess I have always been really impressed with her acting since her role in Monster (2003). Kristen Stewart did a good job as Snow White, though her hair was not black. I did have a little bit of a hard time forgetting about her Twilight roles. I think that a good actor or actress can *become* their character flawlessly. A great actor/actress is so good that we can feel their roles devour them. I give Kristen an “A” for effort. She will get to where she needs to be as an actress now that she has discovered new roles to shed Bella. Chris Hemsworth was good as the Huntsman. I did forget he was Thor, but my son didn’t! I liked that Evan Daugherty and Martin Solibakke made the Huntsman strong and masculine, but were not scared to show his vulnerable/sensitive side. This movie did have some scenes which shattered gender stereotypes, which I liked.


There were several themes and scenes tied into the symbols I derived from Snow White and the Huntsman. Unlike other people who may have reviewed this movie, I looked at it as a stand alone piece. Though it was based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale, the writers for this movie deserve credit, and a deeper look at what their writing was intended to convey to the audience. Following are a few concepts I identified in the film- these were: valuables versus the illusion of valuables; fire and water; heart and heartlessness; kindness and hatefulness; good and evil or light and darkness; freedom and captivity; connection and disconnection; and life and death. In the same order, here are some of the things I noted (yes I took notes) with regard to these concepts.

Valuables and the Illusion of Valuables

I found it interesting that in this movie, the Evil Queen’s mirror was gold. It was not an actual mirror, tough a reflection could be seen in the large golden plate. Not only is the mirror gold in this version of the tale, but the spirit in the mirror is actually a golden three dimensional figure. I think that this fortifies the value that Ravenna has placed on superficial beauty. I believe that this is an illusion of value. Though it is nice to be beautiful, true beauty can only be felt. It can not be seen. This is why Snow remains the “fairest” in the land. When Queen Ravenna demands that the Huntsman track and kill Snow White, she says that he will be “rewarded handsomely.” The Queen uses love to convince him, but he is not easily fooled by the illusion of value. He tells her “what good is gold if I am lying dead with crows picking at my eyes?” At one point in the movie, Snow and the Huntsman end up seeking refuge in a large village of scarred women. There are no men in the village as they are all off fighting for freedom. These women have deliberately defaced themselves to avoid the venomous clutches of the life force sucking Ravenna. The women selected for these roles were beautiful, but the writers gave them scars. The scars added value to their lives, as they got to live longer because the Queen did not want them.

Fire and Water, Heart and Heartless, Kindness and Hatefulness

In the beginning, as a child, Snow White finds an injured bird and takes it to her mother. The mother tells Snow that she has inner beauty because she wishes to help the bird. She is immediately cast in the light of kindness. Also in the beginning, fire appears in the mirror when Queen Ravenna first summons the mirror spirit. This could symbolize a few things. Maybe her fervent obsession with beauty? Could it be her heartlessness and hatefulness? The fire could also foreshadow her demise. In the last scene of the movie, Ravenna is consumed by fire while she is burning with rage. At one point as a prisoner of Ravenna, Snow starts a fire in her bare hands as she says a prayer. She can be seen as the kind, spiritual, fire starter with heart. In her case, the fire could symbolize passion versus obsession. Hearts can also be connected with fire. When one is passionate about something, they are often described as “on fire.” Both are also red. Yes- the heartless and dark Ravenna eats Sparrow hearts. This act could symbolize the Queen’s ability to take life and freedom from people. The heart beats when we are alive, and flight is a symbol of freedom. Ravenna also takes the life out of the heart of a man who tries to kill her. The movie has several references to water. When Snow escapes the Evil Queen she jumps into the ocean. Water is a symbol of life, and continuance. There is also the very symbolic tears in the movie.

Good and Evil, Light and Darkness

Snow White is a historically established symbol of purity and innocence. There are the bad birds- the Ravens, and the good birds in the Sanctuary. The good birds in the Sanctuary are the same type of bird that Snow saved as a child. The mirror also tells Ravenna “her innocence and purity is all that can destroy you, but she is also your salvation.” Ravenna’s mirror tells her that consuming Snow White’s heart will allow her to live forever,” which means “immortality.” The colors black and white are prominent in the movie echoing the symbolism of good and evil/light and dark. Some of the black things included: Ravenna’s attire; the Ravens; black smoke; the black horses in Ravenna’s dark army; the apple rotting to black in Snow’s hand; and an oil like substance present when Ravenna’s powers are weak. Some of the white things included: a Stag with tree branches for antlers; a horse; birds; a dress worn by Snow White; and the snow.

Freedom and Captivity

A major symbol of freedom and captivity was Snow White’s break away from being a delicate princess. She became a lover of the sword and found freedom through strength. Snow escapes from Ravenna’s dungeon, and several birds like the one she saved as a child fly around and surround her. Again, birds and flight can be interpreted as Snow regaining freedom. When the princess escapes into water, and surfaces on the beach, she encounters the white horse. The horse carries her away to her freedom, thus it can be seen as a symbol of such. The “Sanctuary” in the movie represents freedom. It is one place where Queen Ravenna has no power. It is also the place where magical creatures live. The Sanctuary is the “home of the fairies.” Several winged things in the movie symbolize freedom- there are birds, fairies, butterflies, and fireflies. Freedom and captivity can also be seen in Snow’s love interest. She feels free to break away from Prince William, because she has been captured by the Huntsman.

Connection and Disconnection

When he is feeling bad, he seems to drink, so Snow White asks the Huntsman if he “drinks to drown his sorrows?” He drinks constantly in the movie in an attempt to disconnect from his pain. When the Huntsman begins to train Snow on how to fight with a sword, he takes her firmly and says “you stab him in them heart and look into their eyes until you can see their soul.” It was at that moment that the characters were set by the writers to fall in love. At that moment, he looked deeply into her soul and she into his. The Huntsman captured Snow White with no force. She was captured by a simple gaze. Snow White disconnects from Prince William as she begins to develop a deep connection to the Huntsman. In one scene as Snow and the Huntsman are about to be killed by a troll, she also connects with the beast and they are let be. A theme of trust is also heavy in connection. Another symbol of disconnection is when Queen Ravenna kills the King. The King’s goblet with blood red wine crashes to the floor.

Life and Death

After Ravenna killed the King (Snow White’s father) “the land died and with it hope” under her rule. Ravenna consumes the life spirit of the beautiful to stay young and attractive. This process gives her beauty and life force. It does not always literally kill the person, but it does take their life. When the Seven Dwarfs capture Snow White and the Huntsman, the eldest can sense her goodness. He says “she is of the blood,” meaning the royal bloodline. Blood is a symbol of both life and death. The dwarf says “I can see an end to the darkness.” She then tells them she is the late King’s daughter. One of the dwarfs says “you have eyes Huntsman, but you do not see.” The elder dwarf tells the Huntsman “she is life itself. She will heal the land. She is the one. Do you not feel it?” Here again you can see that true beauty is felt not seen. The poisoned apple is a symbol of death and life all at once. The fruit nourishes, but the apple has been poisoned.

In the end, when Snow dies after eating the apple, she is kissed by Prince William. It was then that the audience awaited her awakening. You had to know she wouldn’t wake, as it was not true love’s kiss. Snow did not awaken until the Huntsman visited her lifeless body. There he sat drinking by her side. The Huntsman talked to Snow about her heart and her spirit. He leaned down to kiss her, and he shed a tear on her cheek. She was awakened by the provocation of her own tears, and her deep love and respect for the Huntsman. He had taken her heart, but in a much different way than anyone had expected. When Snow White kills the Queen she tells her “you can’t have my heart,” that is so symbolic- as it is really the Huntsman who has her heart. Snow now rules the kingdom, but she will rule with a tree branch as a scepter not gold. This scepter a symbol of growth and life, and a return to roots.

Deadly Linguist

May 31, 2012


Words and thoughts
slither off your tongue
sharp and pressed.


Fix a phrase to
make it kill while
passing eagerness.


Deadly linguist
make your mark
on a watchful mind.


Compose your
sentences of the
candied kind.


Lingual genius
articulate ideas and
I’ll keep them near.


Speak French into
ears still unable to
translate or hear.


by Felicia Lujan_5.30.2012

Happy 95th Mr. President with Love Mz. Monroe

May 30, 2012

*****Happy 95th Mr. President with Love Mz. Monroe*****
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan. Composite includes: two
historic photographs (Mr. President and Mz. Monroe); and
three contemporary images (smoke, a cupcake, and a candle).

May 29, 2012, would have
been President John F. Kennedy’s
95th birthday. The United States Military held an
official wreath laying ceremony
in his honor at
Arlington National Cemetery. A wreath was
placed at his graveside near the JFK Eternal Flame
(I love that it’s “eternal” :) ). The Eternal Flame
is the permanent presidential memorial.
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated
on November 22, 1963. The National Archives
and Records Administration has also released
commemorative footage of Mr. President, which
is available through a Creative Commons license
and is now in the public domain. The film is titled
John F. Kennedy: 1,000 Days.
It is an archival documentary from the United States
Information Agency, which celebrates
JFK’s time in office from 1961-1963.

Slow Burn

May 21, 2012

**********SLOW BURN**********
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan_5.21.2012

There is one quality which one must possess to win,
and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of
what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

…….Napoleon Hill (American author, 1883-1970)

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