Without Trying

Posted May 27, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•••Digital composite by Felicia•••

Without trying
Crush my soul
like parched weeds
beneath the stars

Take skin for bone
Words flee your
lips again like fire

Without trying
Break me down
That’s that, pluck
weed like rose

Your steady hand
Thoughts sting
like salted tides

Without trying
Shed all the love
Hearts crack like
sun beat Earth

by Felicia Lujan

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Oh My!!

Posted May 26, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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♥In Love with Technology♥

I can’t explain how much I love learning about technological breakthroughs. I’m not scared in the least bit by much when it comes to the forefront of intellectualism. I recently read a hard copy article in the May 2015 issue of The Economist titled Artificial intelligence:
Rise of the machines. The byline says… “artificial intelligence scares people—excessively so?” Really? What a bunch of wimps!! People continue to fight enlightenment, progression and change to stay in boxes they have built. Not me.

At a speech in October 2014 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a scholar said that artificial intelligence (AI) was “summoning the demon.” People are paranoid that machines will take over in employment’s race for productivity. With industry powerhouses like Google and Amazon buying AI start-up companies, maybe human worries are justified? We will just find other jobs right? It’s called perseverance.


•Photo I snapped while reading the article in the library.•

Will computers continue to replace some of the things that people normally do? Probably. I loved this quote. “The torrent of data thrown off by the world’s internet-connected computers, tablets and smartphones, and the huge amounts of computing power now available for processing that torrent, means that their algorithms are more and more capable of understanding languages, recognizing images and the like.” Why didn’t I visit the San Diego Supercomputer Center many years ago when I had the chance? I also could have ditched my conference last October to go there! Now that would have been a real memory to cherish!

The article in The Economist said “signs of the AI boom are everywhere.” Google recently paid $400 million for DeepMind. Have you ever heard of DeepMind? If not, you should so check it out!! Pure awesomeness if you like video games. Just Google it and see. There is also a great article in The New Yorker which discusses how deep neural networks operate. Deep neural networks are used by companies like DeepMind. These artificial networks are much like the neural networks in the human brain. It is amazing to read about.

The newest form of AI tied to deep neural networks is now capable of “deep learning!” Computers can learn through the analysis of large amounts of data using algorithms. Freak out on the algorithm Facebook recently deployed. Did you think you were anonymous in that untagged photo? Think again… DeepFace “can recognise specific human faces in images around 97% of the time, even when those faces are partly hidden or poorly lit.” I want to be that smart and write programs like this. It’s not fair!! Male engineers created DeepFace and I give them tons of respect, but why are intelligent women often seen as  domineering? That’s not fair either.


•Smart Woman Army•

Another thing I found interesting in the article was that since most data is labeled by humans, and algorithms need that data to learn better, another race is on. It is a race to develop “unsupervised-learning” algorithms. This way, the need for human labeling is basically eliminated. How accurate will it be? I guess we will see. Artificial neural networks were invented in the 1950s by people with big brains who wanted bigger, faster, more accurate brains! I lovvvvve brains!! I am so not turned off by them!! Haha… These smart people were simulating the neurons and electrochemicals in a human brain to create artificial intelligence. It worked!!


♦"Just watch! Imma make my perfect woman!" (Dr.J before the chemical waste accident that birthed The Joker and this is not Harley Quinn)♦

If you are a brave fellow intellectual and enjoy all things mind blowing, you should read the article in The Economist. It so so worth the read. You can also learn about the interesting problem with AI. Do you know the one thing people can immediately identify that a computer simply can’t define? Porn… Yes… pornography. I guess machines provide plenty of access to porn, but don’t ask a damn machine to intelligently recognize porn lol. We can leave that type of analysis to the humans!

The Good, the Bad and the Bicep

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“If a woman can’t have
everything she needs, at
least she can have a
good gun show! That’s
all that matters anyway
right? Yup… big guns.”


•••My right arm with Deadpool in the back and Superman and Wonder Woman sharing a fake ass kiss on my shirt lol. He knows he needs his Poison.~ May 2015•••

Well…the results are in. I took photos on Saturday (before I hit the gym)! In late March, I started a tough training plan intended to grow my biceps more in 6-8 weeks. Read my post~ Friday Night Pump for a look back at my thoughts at that time. I will say that the plan worked.

These photos clearly demonstrate success and I am happy about it. I have created a (one year) bi photo progression. There are some consequences tied to overtraining smaller muscles though. I would highly suggest supplementing with glucosamine and omega3 if you try the plan I did.


•••HAS IT GROWN? Here's my one year photo progression. More veins in my forearms too!!!•••

Here’s a link to the article in Physical Culturist by Clay Hyght. The Complete Guide to Biceps Training triggered my plan. For 6 weeks, I hit my biceps on three non-consecutive days per week and they did grow. I did tons of hammers, preachers, reverse, and barbell to the nose curls.

The article is a good read. It discusses the importance of the brachialis to maximize the peak. My peak grew a tiny bit, but the width of my arm and the length of my bicep changed more. According to Hyght, this is the beginning of a higher peak. I’m on my way to a bigger peak.

Sweet and Spicy: Post-workout Meal

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•••Perfect after a hard and heavy chest day. I made: BBQ garam masala New York Strip steak @ 60gz of protein; honey mustard, yogurt and Pepperoncini potato salad; and honey baked beans.•••


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Thanks for the great thank you G!! :)

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Work and Mingle Birthday Bash

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Yesterday I worked the kickoff for the Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Writer’s Series. We had a celebration in honor of the late Tony Hillerman’s 90th birthday. His daughter, Anne Hillerman said a few words and signed her newest book while we were at the Tony Hillerman Library.


•••George and Felicia and then Angela "Spence" Pacheco, Felicia and Ana Pacheco•••

The party was hosted by veteran radio and TV personality, Larry Ahrens. Ahrens is currently a Producer and Creative Director at Studio 34 Broadcast in Albuquerque. There were about 75 people there to listen and mingle. It was a really good turnout and the flowers growing at the library were beautiful.

I’ve been working with George for years. He and I can sell some books! We make a good team. Ana Pacheco is also a blast to work with. She is a writer and editor with a great personality. This time she brought along her sister who is the First Judicial District Attorney here in Santa Fe. I liked her! Angela “Spence” Pacheco and I really hit it off. I had never met her and she is super nice.

It was awesome visiting with Judith Van Gieson for a long while. My mom introduced me to Van Gieson’s work so many years ago because she had heard her books were about an archivist. The Claire Reynier series contains some of my favorite historical fiction books. Claire Reynier is indeed a fictional archivist and rare book buyer with the Center for Southwest Research (UNM) in Van Gieson’s books.

Cheers to a very successful event. I can’t wait to work a few of the others in this writer’s series. There will be a two day crime writing workshop in Albuquerque with Dr. Irene Blea at the end of June. Her newest book is about the West Mesa murders. Dr. Blea is a very accomplished woman. I’m excited to work that workshop!


•••Anne Hillerman speaks, a musician, and veteran radio and TV personality, Larry Ahrens•••

Just fun

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•••Just fun tonight. Just fun.••• (with Esp, Stac, Steph and Dest in Albuquerque. New Mexico #lovemystate)

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