Overheard in tha Gym

Posted April 19, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•Overheard in tha Gym (Mandrill's Gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico)•

I always hate to listen to the sounds of the gym. Not even clanking iron drives enough encouragement for me to listen to conversations about break-ups, overeating, fishing tackle and pointless training tips. My headphones are on 99% of the time and I literally can’t hear a thing when they are on. A lot of people go to the gym to talk. Those are the ones who demonstrate the fitness disease specifically referred to as “No Gainz.”

I leave my headphones on blast because who wants to hear tired songs on the radio? I don’t want to hear men grunting to push a sorry plate or kill my endorphin rush listening to endless chatter boxes. There really is a time and place for socializing and well… the squat rack isn’t it. Even though all this talking people do makes me crazy, I gotta love it when I do happen to over hear something good. There are those times when I have to change to a new song, and sometimes I actually hear what is going on around me.



Today two guys were chatting it up for like a half hour instead of lifting weights. They were basically in the way. I had to love the apparent last words between the two though. It made me wonder what conversation I missed while For Whom the Bell Tolls was blaring in my ears. One guy told the other… “It is really hard to find a chick who gets into this shit.” Well~ of course he meant lifting weights silly!! Poor dude.

Yup… We are hard to find. If you do find a chick who lifts, maybe you should know what you’re in for and then please stop talking!!! Read this post by Hannah Bass on BuzzFeed… 21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won’t Tell You: Do you even lift, bro?

Some Like it Hawt

Posted April 19, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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••5 Egg White Omelette with Pico de Gallo••

This morning I made a tasty, protein packed omelette for breakfast. It was topped with some homemade pico de gallo and was seriously delish. I’ve been absolutely addicted to cilantro as of late. I eat it in everything!! Funny that I hated this awesome herb back in the day. Why?? I’m not sure!? I just found out that cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander. Guess I’ll be loving me sum coriander too ha?

I ate pico with jalapeños before my workout. Eating chili is a good way to kick up fat burning since hot peppers are thermogenic. Capsaicin stimulates the metabolism, helps reduce bad fat in the arteries, and aids in pain relief. I’ve been hitting biceps 3x per week on non-consecutive days, so my workouts have been harder. Jalapeños, protein and good gym days… Sum like it hawt!

Lemme Help You

Posted April 17, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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••Meme by Felicia••

Deadlifts! Do they matter?

Posted April 17, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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My answer is… Yes! Of course deadlifts matter!!! And yes indeed this is a lift that you can’t fake. It isn’t a lift for lazy people. If you aren’t deadlifting, squatting and benching, do you even lift LoL? That is the real question!! Good write up Busch and excellent photo showing strict form Karnes!!

Originally posted on VIES Magazine:


Written by:  Kevin Busch     Photo by:  Amber Karnes

Deadlifts are of those exercises that you either love or hate.  However, the question that remains is… are they important for your goals?  Well to answer that you have to first figure out what your goals are.  If you’re on the road to becoming a power lifter, then sorry to say, deadlifts are vital for your training.  If you’re an average person, just looking to get a decent workout, or you’re a body builder looking to add muscle, then deadlifts may not be on your list of priorities.  In these cases, don’t be too hasty to cut this lift out.  Let’s take a look at benefits of deadlifting.

#1 – Deadlifts Teach You To Lift Properly

Now, before going any further with this one we first need to stress the fact that only proper form on the…

View original 344 more words

Thank God for Good Work Ethic

Posted April 16, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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••Meme by Felicia

I can’t feel anything but sorry for people who insist on reinforcing professional silos. “I can’t help you with this because that is your job!” I’m always shocked when I hear that some people still think that way since we work toward the same goal?! That’s one sentence I have never muttered. True professionals work together for the greater good behind the mission of an agency. We are all under one roof and that is how it should be.

It is the night before my interview. If there are three things that I can thank God for giving me they are: my excellent work ethic; a genuine loyalty to my agency and sister divisions; and my willingness to help other professionals without thinking twice. I believe those are things that my boss has recognized in me after so many years. I believe these things set me apart from others.

I work for the public. I work for other agencies and local government. I admire and respect the role my agency plays in the grand scheme of things. Technically, I work for every person, every bureau, and every division of my agency. That’s because I actually believe we are a team!!


Posted April 15, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•Stormy Sky~ Santa Fe, New Mexico • Photo by Felicia•

Wind blew out the
warmth of light.
This storm rushing
to break free.
Sorrow and one
icy breath before
the first drop
broke for me.
A cold, dark storm
and gusty glares
with rain sent to
perish on dry land.
Silence in electric
clouds… way more
than just one heart
can stand.

by Felicia Lujan

Self-mastery of Words

Posted April 14, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•My son and I at the Santa Fe Public Library (Southside) on 4.12.2015•

Becoming anything you want is easy in a library. Libraries are mystical places. Stories spur our imaginations. Words can transport us into a galaxy unknown… into a sea of love or a world of pain… through a temporary rainbow so we can breathe the colors and into another body or mind with ease. For a reader, this can be achieved if the magic and words are right. It is a harmony of poetic description. For a writer, this type of out of body/mind experience is a must. Disconnection from what is becomes essential to the creative process.

I have been writing poetry since I was a child. No instruction. No degrees. No literary tools. No clue. Just feelings and words. (Read the first poem I wrote at 8yrs old in My Love Affair with Writing) My heart was meant to leave remnants of emotion. Those remnants are sparkly and dark, beautiful and ugly. They are erotically unbound words. My writing defines my soul. My poetry is filled with my words. The words have been etched into me with an acid that only metallic hearts will understand. Only creative machines can be permanently marked by words.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon with my son in the library. It felt so good to see light in his eyes for so long. Taking time to foster a love of words in our children is of the utmost importance. How can I teach him the power of letters and words? Maybe I should read him my poetry? Looking back decades ago, this appreciation came to me in a flood of emotions time and time again. It is feelings not creativity, which first prompt meaningful writing. Good and bad experiences draw out our feelings. We are then inspired and creativity is born.


•A sign I love in the Santa Fe Public Library (Southside)•

I am sitting in the wind right now. I’m writing. I’m thinking. I’m feeling. My heart is low. I hear a crow in the distance. Children are laughing. The trees are casting shadows on me. People are walking fast. Cars are passing slow. I am feeling this very moment. My best poetry always comes from this place. It is the place of complete surrender to a moment. The ability to feel a moment and then recreate the moment with words is the most important tool a writer has.

Becoming anything I want is easy. There is actually a mystical library within me. This Sunday I realized that. All of my books are there. They have always been there. Everyday I add new books or develop new chapters. Sometimes I read my old books again. These stories spur my imagination and transport me to other places. My harmony of poetic description and creative process is in constant motion. I have become an expert when it comes to harnessing moments and emotions that fill my books with words.

I don’t know that I will ever be a poet laureate? I don’t know that I’ll ever win a Pulitzer Prize or a Congressional gold medal for poetry like Robert Frost? I’m actually more than alright with that. Money and fame mean nothing to me. The ability to freely express myself is my prize. I am a real winner if I can get my son to love words as much as I do. If I never publish any books, I know that I have self-mastered the art of my words.

In the end, the audience of one who feels, the audience of one who listens, the audience of one who really matters is me.


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