I Missed You!!

Posted July 27, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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~Lunch... gym time at noon to run for 20 minutes straight... After work... Outdoor strength training... back day... Deadz, seated rowz, good morningz, and dumbbell back flyz.~

I did a ton of walking and even a good bit of swimming last week and over the weekend in Texas, but no weight training. I also ate way to much while I was in Austin and by Sunday, I felt terrible. Disgusting actually. I could never eat like that all the time nor could I forget about weight training. It is such a part of me that I absolutely need it.

Of course I came back to a three day slew of back to back (all day) meetings after the cheat fest! Just my luck! Not a prob~ I decided that I would hit a straight week of lunch time cardio and then weight train when I get home. I’m committing to three stricter than usual months with regard to clean food, cardio and strength training.

I missed you so much iron. I love you and I refuse to live without endorphins!

Yellow Hots?

Posted July 25, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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TRUE STORY… Gal from New Mexico visits In and Out Burger in Texas and asks for a side of green chili with her burger. Guy at the arm to arm busy joint looks *really* confused and says “you mean jalapeeeeeeaaaños?” Gal says “no. You know? Green chili?” Guy says “ohhhhhhhhhh yeah,” and reaches under the counter. Gal looks super happy and relieved until guy slides this little cup of yellow hots to her.  :/ 


~ Sum Texas Green Chili ~

Seared Heart ~ Strong Soul

Posted July 22, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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A long time ago, someone introduced me to this quote of Khalil Gibran. Most writers and historians know that the artistic poet created romantic works during the heart of the renaissance period. I’m thinking about that quote tonight as I lay in bed in a faraway city. It is so true. We build character day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and with every person who comes and goes from our lives. We should learn to appreciate the scars we are left with.


San Diego: Beach Sunset

Posted July 21, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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Colors are so beautiful. How unfortunate and sad that they must disappear into the night.

Originally posted on Grace Ling:

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Visiting BizMix 2015

Posted July 17, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•••♥ed the digital setup to take trippy selfiez there!! Here is my BizMIX self portrait!•••

Railyard Fitness hosted a MIXoff competition on Thursday night between 15 of this year’s young entrepreneurs. We were there to support my friend Meghan and her husband Andrew. They are finalists this year which is exciting! Meghan has mastered “the pitch” for Pedal Speed Bags.


•••Meghan giving "the pitch" 😁 to Rachel, Mike, Gail and Laura•••

There was a DJ and the food and drinks were provided by Boxcar, which is the Railyard’s newest bar/restaurant. BizMIX provides a way for people to network and collaborate with other inspiring, creative people. “MIX provides a mechanism for the development of ideas, businesses, and projects with corollary opportunities for promotion, recognition and start-up funding.”


•••Me, Laura (my adorable and funny friend on a visit from El Paso), and Rach•••

Each competitor carried a balloon through the music laced crowd and pitched their project for votes. The finalists are “vying for massive amounts of money, marketing and mentorship.” Of course we all voted for Meghan and Andrew. She is so inspirational. Later that night she texted to say thanks for going and I told her I loved to see a strong, smart, creative woman in her element!

Fingers crossed for Pedal Speed Bags!! Meghan and Andrew deserve to win!


Posted July 15, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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•Digital composite by Felicia•

Everybody hates showboating… well… everybody except for the showboats that is. Isn’t that the truth? Don’t believe me? Check out this comedic, perfect lesson about the unintended karma associated with showboating. Yep. It happens. If you act a fool, you will get treated like a fool. If you need more proof about how much people hate showboating, you can always ask your friends or even visit this #showboating feed for reference.

I must say you could be the hottest, most fit man or woman on this planet and for me your showboating will immediately kill that. If you aren’t Ronnie Coleman, Iris Kyle or Dorian Yates, for God’s sake, please don’t act like it. Winning competitions in New Mexico does not make you legendary. That takes hard work and love from people!! You earn that! Most people in my gym who are built and cut stay humble. Shoot… they even stay covered.

There is nothing worse than people who parade through a gym acting like they own that shit when they aren’t even locals. They just get in the damn way! It is an easy way to piss the local rats off. My gym has never been a showboating gym and it never will be (thank God). Unfortunately, in the past week, showboaters out of Albuquerque have made their way here calling my gym “the best in New Mexico.” Mandrill’s does have a solid reputation.

We are hard hitting, iron eating, sweat laden, rabid rats, so I can see why people would drive here just to have a photo session. I don’t think these showboaters wanted a Planet Fitness backdrop eh? Of course not! They wanted people who were worth a hell and a gym that is worth a hell as a backdrop. I actually think these boaters and their photographer got more than they really wanted that day. Let me put it diplomatically, their flash filled, disruptive visit was not well received. Game faces were on lock!

These people have placed in some competitions, but again, they aren’t Ronnie, or Iris or Dorian. Nobody wanted tripods in the way, flashes in their eyes (about 300x), or to see mediocre fitness buffs hanging upside down, flexing every two seconds or making human pyramids. Go do that shit outside and get the hell out of the way. Even though us “regulars” compete with each other day in and day out, that day we pulled together like never before against the foreigners to show them who really runs shit here.

One of the visiting showboaters in the click of two men and one woman was recently featured in a magazine about the fittest people in Albuquerque (hence his illusion of complete stardom). A while back I posted about that magazine because I was extremely disappointed in the fitness of the selection of fit people. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe these people are all really down to Earth? That would be a good thing and it is so much more attractive.

I will say that the showboaters had every person in my gym talking mad shit. From one shredded black man ripping off his shirt to “show them what abs really look like,” to a high ranking military man calling the visit “a freak show,” to another saying it was “all straight comedy,” to lots of evil game faces, to most of us rats pushing it further than to the limit, we made it clear we run Mandrill’s. If these people would have come in strong and humble, they would have never been noticed. I’ll bet they would have actually been accepted!

Just don’t come into our gym and showboat your ass around here *expecting* respect. Here… we earn respect. Here… we don’t play. Here… we work. Here… we are sum territorial gym rats!

How do you say mischievous in Minionese?

Posted July 12, 2015 by ~Felicia~
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Last night we went to see Minions at an RPX theater in Albuquerque. How can you not love the little yellow guys who are on a constant quest to serve the most ruthless villain or villainess? My sis and I laughed it up and had fun being mischievous.


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