Recent Submissions…

I can be thankful for finding inspiration through others to return to something I find great joy in- creative expressions. Some may not even be aware that they were tools in my creative process.

Since I was a child, writing has been a major part of my life. In my youth, I always kept writing close thru a diary, letters, poetry, cultural/community journalism, and creative writing. Over the last ten years, I have been writing, but mostly professionally. Much of the last five years has been devoted to writing reports, articles, and research papers. These years were only laced with small amounts of the kind of writing which really defines me.

I am lucky to have the ability to draw inspiration from both positive and negative situations. Some writers may say (including myself) that the best pieces are born from heavy minds. Today I completed a submission to a quarterly poetry and arts magazine. I have submitted three recent pieces (one poem and two prose). A woman who attended the National Latino Writers Conference with me suggested the submission. The magazine is published in hard and virtual forms in conjunction with the University of Texas- San Antonio. The mission of the magazine “is to publish a quarterly poetry and arts magazine with international flavor and a commitment to inspire, educate, and heal community members through the arts.” Hopefully my pieces get accepted- I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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