Creative New Mexico Survey (2011)

Below is a letter regarding the Creative New Mexico Survey.  Other entities participating will be: Creative Albuquerque; the New Mexico Humanities Council; Creative Santa Fe; the New Mexico Historical Society; the New Mexico Museum Association; and New Mexico Arts.

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Dear Friends,

We are sending this Creative New Mexico Survey to you because you are involved in the Arts and Culture industry of New Mexico and we would like your thoughts.

Despite being an important economic driver in New Mexico, our Arts and Culture industries have never had a unified voice or singular industry champion to garner state/national government support or a strong presence in state tourism marketing. Because of this, Creative Albuquerque and Creative Santa Fe have formed the Creative New Mexico Steering Committee with initial representation from the Historical Society of New Mexico, New Mexico Humanities Council, New Mexico Association of Museums, NMArts, libraries, galleries, music and theater, to explore the possibility of creating a statewide advocacy organization to support, protect and grow New Mexico’s creative industries.

We envision an organization that includes and serves all communities in our state and all Arts and Cultural industries both public and private. We have identified areas that we believe are important but would like everyone’s input to determine priorities as we move forward.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us.  Please click here to participate in the Creative New Mexico Survey.

Sincerely, Helen Maestas

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