Creating Fire…

Today I finally got my watercolour tubes, a watercolour pad, and some new brushes. I was unsure what I would start painting, but I got some thoughts today. While I was running on the treadmill at the gym, I watched a fire dancing competition. For some reason it gave me drive- I love game faces! There is nothing like watching an infuriated Polynesian Fire Dancer compete with his fire knife. Now I have an idea of what will start to appear on my paper. I wanted to do something which incorporated fire anyhow. Perfect… If you have not seen this type of competition, check it out. The grant administrator at my work once told me that I should try fire dancing after he watched a performance here in Santa Fe. I laughed, and then told him I was scared to burn off my hair! 😉 When searching for an image to put here- low and behold, it was again my spiral sign.

Polynesian Fire Dancer

PCC 2010 World Fire-knife Championships Finals:

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