Origins of my Familial Y-DNA for Haplogroup R1b1a2

Thomas, Isaiah, & Gilbert Lujan (these men contain my familial Y-DNA- my brother, my nephew, and my father)

Near the end of June 2011, I posted about the test results of my exploration into the Y-DNA (paternal) of my family. In the last week, I received three electronic notifications regarding our DNA. A new person has been connected through the New Mexico DNA Project. Once each new test is complete, a notification is sent out to all the individuals the test has been linked to. In other words, I got an email at 12 markers, 25 markers, and then 37 markers for the new person. The project site will say when the last connection was made, and to what degree, but the list of individuals does not have a date.

Unfortunately I had no record saved of those individuals listed in June, so it is difficult to say who the new guy is? I have learned it may be a good idea to keep a running spreadsheet of data on the test results, so I have created one. At this point, I have only documented the Y-DNA for Haplogroup R1b1a2. Keeping a working document makes more sense because it will allow me to further manipulate the data for a closer analysis of these connections. I originally created the spreadsheet in a proprietary Excel format, but will manipulate the data using OpenOffice Calc since I adore open source. I have created the following tabs for my data sheets: Sort by Type of Match; Sort by Surname; Sort by Individuals; and Sort by Exact Matches. Each sheet has been color coded and somewhat altered so that I can easily see relationships.

In June, I informed everyone that our Y-DNA was connected to the Aragón surname (probably a connection to Ignacio de Aragón). At that time, there were 13 matches within the New Mexico DNA Project. Now there are 18 matches which likely point to Spain as the country of origin. The Project Administrator said my ancient forefather was likely a Celt-Iberian. These Celtic people were living in the Iberian Peninsula in what is now north central Spain. As of today here are some of the statistics I can derive from the data I have manipulated.
*****There are 18 total matches for the 12 marker, 25 marker, and 37 marker Y-DNA tests for Haplogroup R1b1a2.

*****There are 11 Aragóns, 1 Archuleta, 3 Bacas, 1 Garcia, 1 Lozano, and 1 Salazar.

*****Out of 18 people, the highest number of connections can be made to 2 men- 1 is a Baca the other is an Aragón.

*****10 of the 18 individuals came up as “exact” matches.” Of those 10, 7 were Aragóns, 2 were Bacas, and 1 was a Garcia.

As more people begin to participate in the New Mexico DNA Project, the picture will change. At this point, after conducting my own mini study, it is safe to say that although I am a Lujan, my paternal DNA is indeed historically rooted in the Aragón surname.

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4 Comments on “Origins of my Familial Y-DNA for Haplogroup R1b1a2”

  1. Cheryl Ann Says:

    My paternal great-grandfather’s family was from northern Spain (i.e. “Celtic Spain”)…They were sent to Cuba by the King of Spain to help govern the island there and his family lived in Cuba until 1860 when he and his two brothers came to the United States. Interesting, eh? I have NO male relatives to test for DNA…my dad is long gone and I was an only child. He DID have a sister, but that wouldn’t help either…sigh…I’m going to have to do the female DNA test and I already know they were Swiss…

    • flujan Says:

      Cheryl Ann
      That is so sad! I wish you had someone to test. What about male cousins on your paternal line? That would work if it was the same surname! Don’t give up! Maybe a long lost relative will pop out of the woodworks! Haha… Keep me posted!

  2. Efectivamente, mi padre es R1b1a2, y somos originarios del norte de España Asturias?,Lugo? estoy en familytrdna, pero no sé interpretar los datos que me han dado, si quiere algún tipo de información a mayores, escríbame, mi correo es
    gracias por su atención

  3. William Says:

    M-269 R1b1a2 is identical tour our Y-DNA results

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