Update: Progression of Fire

***********Note: to see the image larger, click on the image,
and then click on the image in the next window that opens.***********

I am still working on my Polynesian Fire Dancer. Last night I spent a few hours on the fire. Now the fire is complete. I am not a photographer, so it is kinda hard to photograph these metallic paints (especially with the black paper). Maybe when I am done I will scan the painting and get a better image? His body is actually a metallic bronze. The fire knife is a metallic silver, and I have used a glitter acrylic paint on the fire. The acrylic piece is closer to being finished. I may do a little more work on the fire-knife. I have drafted the neck and arm bands, but will need to add details and shadow for more depth. I am starting to contemplate what I will paint next for practice? Maybe something along the lines of my identification with Alice (from Alice in Wonderland of course). Or maybe an angel with a broken wing? How about an image about censorship? Maybe more fire? Or maybe something completely abstract?? I’ll be thinking as usual!

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