My Killer Set Workout and a “Psychotic Trainer”

As you all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Time to give thanks, and time to eat a bunch of food! After Thanksgiving, we all need a jolt to push us off the couch and to that next level, so try this if you dare!

I have been seeing some results in my shoulder and trap muscles by changing up my workout. It seems to be working. I’ve been doing some intense killer set workouts. Each session basically includes the completion of 5 sets and 500 reps in 1 hour. I work opposing body parts at Mandrill’s Gym in a workout session (i.e. either chest/back, bi/tri, shoulder/trap, and then legs). So far so good… I will not be in the gym on Friday, but many people will be, so you should try my sample shoulder/trap workout (below). If you are a beginner, you may want to start with half the reps (250) so that you can complete the workout successfully. I go light, and you will see why. Then you can move up in weight each week, until you can complete 500 reps in an hour at a decent weight.

I don’t “diet” because it is impossible. I just try and make healthy and informed choices. Here are the things I do my best to avoid during the week: cokes; real sugar (I use Splenda); any and all fast food; and also breakfast stuff (bacon, doughnuts, baked goods, etc.). I’m human, so sometimes I gotta eat junk, but I try really hard not to, and that’s all that matters! Don’t forget to catch the “psychotic trainer” in action if you skip the gym Friday! Operation Osmin’s Black Friday Marathon will air the day after Thanksgiving on Nuvo TV.

Check the Operation Osmin web site at:

Tonight I also discovered that Osmin has a site devoted to workout playlists! I love that!!! Check out some of the playlists at:

Click on the workout table, and then click on
it again in the next window to see the table full size.

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