Smokin’: Rihanna Talks that Talk

This female finally brought it hard on her new disc (your sexy gurl is on fire Corine and Lindsay). This weekend I gave a listen to each track with care. Talk that Talk is Rihanna’s sixth studio album, which was released this month. She selected We Found Love featuring Calvin Harris as the first single off the album. It did well in other countries, but I didn’t think the track smoked. Then Rihanna released You Da One as her second single off of Talk that Talk (still not the best). In my opinion, all of the following songs smashed single release 1 and 2, but maybe they were not “perfect” for radio play. The best song on this disc is definitely Roc Me Out, and that track is laced with heat and is smokin’. Talk That Talk featuring JayZ is also kinda hot. Others that stood out to me were: Where Have You Been; Drunk On Love; Farewell; Cockiness (Love It); and Birthday Cake. With some sweet techno infused tracks, and heartfelt lyrics, it’s a keeper!

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2 Comments on “Smokin’: Rihanna Talks that Talk”

  1. Corine Says:

    Yayah!! I loved her new cd! Its the ish cousin:) my favorite track right now is Talk that Talk ft JayZ ! Lol awesome post! I def love Rhi Rhi ❤

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