My Fire Symbol and the New Year…

Today I opened my first Christmas present. The gift was from my division director. We had a division meeting and she passed a gift to each member of our team. The gifts were all very thoughtful, as she made sure to tap into what she knew we would like. My gift was a new 2012 calendar. It was not just any calendar. It was a Llewellyn (a favorite). She did not know I love all things Llewellyn, but she does know me rather well. My gift was the new Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar. Llewellyn is “the world’s oldest and largest independent publisher of books for body, mind, and spirit.” This publisher has “been at the forefront of holistic and metaphysical publishing and thought,” since 1901. I also love the web site which includes information on: karmic astrology, planets and signs, relationships, fantasy realms, chakras, herbalism (health and healing), numerology, and the tarot. Of course I had to check the September page first, since that is my birth month. When I turned to the September page, there was my current symbol – fire… My page said as a Virgo, I am “rooted in creativity and a deep desire to purge oneself of the unwanted, practitioners should feel free to experiment, be artistic, and take to the sky – or flame, as it were.” I am further instructed to “divinate in those glowing embers (pyromancy), mind the fire, and smiles as that which you banish is licked and transformed by the Sacred Flame!” But of course… The article on the September page was written by Raven Digitalis. Damn! This person snagged what should have been my pen name! Ooooh- a digital raven? The raven being one of my many symbols.

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