In My Dreams: Long-term Preservation of Computer Games and Virtual Worlds

The Open Planets Foundation sent me this information today… In my dreams I can attend this symposium! Talk about a ***dream job***… The keynote speaker Dr. Jerome McDonough works with the iSchool at the University of Illinois. He is part a project called “Preserving Virtual Worlds.” Then there is presenter Tom Woolley. Woolley is a Curator of New Media at the National Media Museum in the UK. Should I cry now or later???   😉   For anyone out there who can attend this event, take notes for me ok?! It is sure to be a thought provoking symposium.

*********** Sent: Thu 12/15/2011 2:58 AM***********

I am writing to let you know that bookings are now open for the next POCOS Symposium, on the issues relating to the long-term preservation of Computer Games and Virtual Worlds. This Symposium will be held in The Cardiff Novotel, where POCOS have arranged special discount rates on rooms, together with free delegate parking and wifi. To take advantage of this discount, simply contact the hotel (address above) and tell them that you are attending the POCOS event. The event will be free to attend, but you are asked to make a contribution of £10 towards the cost of coffee and lunches on the two days. Preservation of video games and virtual worlds presents challenges on many fronts, including complex interdependencies between game elements and platforms; online, interactive and collaborative properties; and diversity in the technologies and practices used for development and curation. This exciting two-day symposium will provide a forum for participants to discuss these challenges, review and debate the latest developments in the field, witness real-life case studies, and engage in networking activities.

The symposium will promote discussion on such topics as:

***Implications and advances in preserving video games and virtual worlds

***Issues of recreating complex technical environments in terms of mods, cracks, plug-ins, joysticks etc. for both console and PC games

***The overriding need to provide an authentic user experience for preserved games

***The Economical Case for re-releasing old games

***Legal and Ethical issues in collecting, curating and preserving virtual worlds

***Interpretation and Documentation, especially metadata

Keynote Speakers and presenters include:

***Dr Jerome McDonough – The iSchool, University of Illinois, USA / Preserving Virtual Worlds Project

***Prof. Richard Bartle FRSA – University of Essex, UK and creator of MUD1

***Dr Dan Pinchbeck – TheChineseRoom, UK and creator of ‘Dear Esther’

***Tom Woolley – Curator of New Media, National Media Museum, UK

***Further speakers have been invited and confirmation of attendance is awaited.

The programme also includes break-out sessions for participants to discuss key topics in the preservation of games and virtual worlds. You can download the event brochure at:  For more information, please visit the POCOS page at:

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