Things I Learned, and Things I Miss About Christmas

The weekend has come and gone. It was nice, but I am tired! Christmas Eve was spent with my mom at my brother and sister’s house in Santa Fe, and Christmas Day was spent with my dad in Pojoaque. I had a chance to catch up with some cousins I had not seen in a while which is always nice. Lucia was at my dad’s house with her brothers Elias and Daniel. She is visiting and lives in San Diego now. Her brother Daniel had lost 100 lbs. and I was so proud of him. He said he was hittin’ the cardio “hard!” They both looked really good. I discovered that two of my cousins are leaving to the service soon. One from my maternal line, Justin Garcia, and the other from my paternal line, Daniel Lujan. I was jealous cuz JoyJoy, my sisz puppy got more gifts than I. Haha… My other little sister revealed her new obsession for baking and making treats (just like her mom-Julie). We even got a chance to speck my mom’s “xrated cat” lounging in action! Hahahaha…Laura and I put our shoes to the test, and guess what? It is possible to mud bog in high heels! Oh yeah- and my white jeans look HOT with creative coffee patterns splashed all over them!! Maybe I’ll start a new trend? Thanks for the new look Corinney! 🙂 Aahahhhaaaa–).

Other than those things I learned, over the last two days I realized that there are some things that I just straight miss about Christmas. First, I must say that with all the busyness, cooking, cleaning, baking, planning, dashing, spending, and whatnot, I really miss just being a little kid! I would give anything to have a time machine, and go back to the days when Santa magically made it all happen… Or even better, maybe I would go back to when I could just wear a Santa suit myself, just chillin’ and droolin’ to my hearts content! Maybe I would go back to the days when we spent Christmas Eve at my Grandma Corine’s. All the kids raising a ruckus under her tree, eating tinsel and breaking bulbs! I might decide to go back to the days when my smile sent flashes through the room while I victoriously lifted my mini PacMan arcade game into the air… You know the days when I could gobble blue ghosts, and bouncin’ fruit up until my eyes and my hands hurt!?

Second, I really miss the hand-made gifts my Grandma Emily use to give us. When we were little she did all kinds of fun things like: crochet us crazy cowboys boots; make me rock and roll sweaters; stitch us hand-made and decorated stockings; make our barbie dolls dresses into tissue roll covers; make us blankets; make beautiful ornaments out of tin cans; and paint us pictures.

Third, I miss the days when me and my friends would sing in the church choir. We would practice for hours on end together. Tommy banging away on the piano, and Carmen handing out the sheet music. I can see Ana and Angela holding one ear closed so that we could get the tune just right. We would exercise our vocal cords singing the Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night, and other classics. One of our classmates lil Philly went on to sing professionally, and is now known as Felipe. Tonight I heard him on my little sisters iPhone singing in church this Christmas with she and the current choir group. They sounded really good!

Fourth, I thought about certain people this year. I originally wanted to post about them tonight, but I think to do their memory justice, they deserve their very own post. The four people on my mind were Justin Ortega (my step brother), Ursula Duran (my nephew’s mother), and Aundria Griego and Kim Aragon (my friends). All four passed away young and tragically. All of them had so much more to give. I will post about these four soon. I know for sure that two of them had traditional farolitos to light their tombstones on Christmas Eve. Hopefully they could feel that warmth from heaven…

Oh- and maybe I do miss having lights on my house more than I thought!

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2 Comments on “Things I Learned, and Things I Miss About Christmas”

  1. Corine Says:

    yo yo yo!! just like Tony the tiger you did a grrrrrrrreaaatttt job on this post Felish. OMG, I am soooo sorry for spilling your coffee on you =( lol but it was kinda funny how it happend.
    These past Christmas’ the things I miss the most are Grama G’s funny little presents that she used to give us! Most of them were wrapped with old a*# wrapping paper that she had saved since the last X-mas or they were shoved in a saltines box haha!! =0
    Loved the pics too…

    • flujan Says:

      Hey Big C—- you are 2 much gurl! Thanks… Oh you know I love having coffee **ALL OVER ME**!!! Yeah! My favorite… Hahahaaa! I know- poor lil gram ha? ‘Member she would peek at the presents, and then wrap them up again? You forgot about the cherry cordials?!? This year I got all my uncles, aunts, and Tom n Lou a box of the new blueberry cordials in loving memory of gram. Yum…

      Oh and I recently discovered some kickin’ new Jordan heels by Nike!! Yeah I did- a must have for any Jordan lover and then you need a pair for Dest and your gurl L! 🙂

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