Save Your Tears…

***Digital composite by Felicia Lujan*** Composite includes four images. Two contemporary images, one image of a Zodiac Virgo sign, and a digital photograph of my right eye.

Save Your Tears


Salty, warm, and still so cold,
they skim across my cheek.
Eyes flutter fast to shed what’s
left, the frozen earth they seek.

Tickle, dance, and stain my
mind. Please just go away.
Eyes well up, and float, and
burn. Nothing’s left to say.

Eleven tears, they fall away,
the trip was made in vain.
Drench the dirt not one more
day, and forget about the pain.

Save your tears, don’t use them
up, and waste precious energy.
The saltiness will soon be gone.
This truth shall set you free.


by Felicia Lujan
New Year’s Day 2012

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One Comment on “Save Your Tears…”

  1. Sahm King Says:

    You’re really on point with the verbal, Felicia. Definite way with words, and a rhythm the moves like a river. Awesome work!

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