Beautiful Women…Beautiful Memories…Aundria & Kim

Collage in Memory of Aundria Griego 1997

A little over a decade separated the passing of two of my very, very, good friends. My Christmas post this year made me think of four specific people this world has lost. Each person I miss in a different way. All four were lost in tragedy, and all four will forever be missed by many people.

Tonight, I will honor the memory of two of these four. These two women were not only beautiful, but they were also great women with extraordinary personalities. We grew up together- literally… We laughed, cried, smiled, danced, and talked about life, love and nothing at all. Back then, we were all there for each other no matter what. I had the honor of walking in my cap and gown with these ladies as the Pojoaque High School Class of 1993 entered the real world. We were self titled “A Touch of Class” for those who remember! Aundria Griego and Kim Aragon…. Oh the memories I have with these two. There were many sleepovers in our days. We could spend hours together just being together.

The collage in this post was put together by some of our friends- I believe Tammy, Sabra, and Gina- PHS Class of 1994. They made the collage as a tribute to Aundria, and gave it out at her funeral in 1997. These pictures of us include a bit of everything- they did such a great job on the collage. There are pictures of: our graduation; “The Divas” dance troop as aliens; there is the “93” sketch that Ang inked for us- we had the drawing silk screened onto purple tee shirts; there was prom and homecoming; our senior trip to Europe; some professional portraits; and some just hangin’. Back then it was the “seven girls.” As you can see in the collage, we liked to take group pictures. It makes me sad to think that two of “the girls” are now gone.

Therese, Aundria, Jenny, Kim and Nelly- European Trip 1993

The funniest memories this collage brings back are tied to the State Championship for Drill Teams in New Mexico. Yes, the team dressed as aliens. We had Star Trek logos custom made for our silky black dresses, and painted our faces all crazy. We went so far as to suck on blue lollipops to make our tongues turn blue before we went out on the floor to perform. We were just silly like that. The Divas came out of a spaceship for that performance. My dad is an expert electrician, so he had the spacecraft all rigged up with cool lights and sounds. Oooo- the memories.

I always remember getting ready in Aundria’s room before we would go out- her room was covered with mirrors. We would share makeup, play music, eat snacks and Ramen noodles, and giggle. There was always a hope that Aun would lend me some of her fancy earrings for the night. When we crawled into bed later- we always laughed in the morning cuz Aun rubbed her feet together all the time in her sleep!

Kim Aragon, Ana Quintana, Anna Roybal, Angela Gabaldon, Felicia Lujan, and Aundria Griego_Graduation from Pojoaque High School 1993

Kim- oh Kim- I miss her. This is the second year I didn’t get a Christmas update from her. I always looked forward to seeing her family photo- all matching and looking beautiful. She was such a Virgo- just like me. As a matter of fact our birthdays were not more than a week apart. She always teased me that she “was older than me” when we were young. I loved to ride my three-wheeler into the heart of El Rancho to visit Kim. Sometimes we went to Ponce’s to buy candy, and sometimes we just zoomed around through the river (which was usually running super slow).

There are also soooo many memories of our Future Homemakers of America (FHA) adventures (yes- I was in FHA). There were local, regional, and state meetings and we always had a blast. Kim and her brother Lucas were like two peas in pod, and so we learned from him as an FHA leader. Kim was always a people person- I can only imagine the loss her community felt with her passing. I think of Kim almost every morning when I wash my face. Strange, but true… She always told me that I was rough when I washed my face, and that when I got older, my face would get wrinkled quickly- Thanks to Kim, I probably have a few less wrinkles!

Kim Aragon********************** Pojoaque High School Class of 1993

Both of my friends were killed in a vehicle. Aundria died in a roll over accident in 1997 at just 22 years old. She was not the driver. I had just finished college. I remember being so upset by her death that I couldn’t even consider it. Looking back, I am sad to say I tried to convince myself it didn’t even happen. I am so very thankful to still be in contact with her little sister Briana. Bri now has a cute little family of her own. She looks so much like her big sister. Kim was killed in an accident caused by a man fleeing the scene of a bank robbery- she was 35 years old. There was another woman in the car with her named Janice, and they were both mothers. Sadly, there is certainly not a day that goes by when her children do not miss her. Two great women- tragically lost- needlessly lost- but never forgotten…

In Memory of Aundria Griego
November 15, 1974 thru September 27, 1997

In Memory of Kim Aragon-Nunez
August 24, 1975 thru April 6, 2010

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19 Comments on “Beautiful Women…Beautiful Memories…Aundria & Kim”

  1. Gilbert Lujan Says:

    This brings back memories of the day. It's sad to think of two of your best friends gone thru no fault of their own and that their families have to go on without them.
    P.S. Expert electrician????????
    Love you Dad

    • flujan Says:

      Yes- so many memories Dad… It is very sad- Kim shared your birthday. I’m not sure you remember that?

      P.S. Yes expert electrician!! 😉
      Love you 2- Felish

  2. Becky Carrillo Says:

    Felicia you are so warm hearted! Thank you for making us grateful you are in our lives! Thank you for the memories of Kim and Aundria we love them both!

    • flujan Says:

      Thanks Beck… I also have many warm hearted friends. Some live far away from me now 🙂 , but my memories of you are always close… Felish

  3. Ana Says:

    That was beautiful, Felish. Thank you for sharing the great memories.

    • flujan Says:

      Thank you AnaQ! I cried when I saw that picture of all of us together for graduation…I will always cherish those days. You guys—my lil singin’ pals!

  4. Briana Griego-Trujillo Says:

    Thank u for sharing this, it was such an awesome email to get, it totally made my day!! Made me laugh bout my sister n her feet haha 🙂 I used to get so mad cause she would rub them against my legs n is get so bugged, Aww what I wouldn’t do for one more day!! With the holidays just passing even after 14 years they are still hard times to go through so of course we share memories to get us through! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my sister or Kim and all of you girls because I grew up with u all like sisters, very close!

    • flujan Says:

      Oh Bri… I’m so glad I made your day. Aun loved you so much. I can only imagine how close the two of you would be today if she were here. Aun and those cute lil feet ha? She was beautiful. I will always remember the first time I saw you in the store as an adult woman. I almost dropped what I had in my hands because I couldn’t believe how much you looked like Aun. You are a special person. You have a beautiful family. I wish your sis could have seen that Christmas photo you sent me. Thank you for sending it. The loss of Kim’s and the addition of yours made me think of writing about them. She would be so proud of you- love you…

  5. Anna Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for writing this and sharing it. I miss Kim and Aundria so much. I think about the family (husband and kids) that Aundria never got to have and I think about the beautiful family Kim left behind. My heart aches.

    • flujan Says:

      Thanks Anna… Kim was your best friend. I’m sure she misses you, and all of us as well. She was so special, and she loved you so much… Let’s get together like you said. I will always regret that we didn’t do what Kim wanted right before she passed away. She sooo wanted us to have a mini reunion. She was very excited about your baby. I think it was January when she was planning our get together? Wow…we should have done that.
      —With love- Felish

  6. Sabra Says:

    This is so beautiful! You have expressed here in words what we all feel in our hearts. Thank you for doing this.


    • flujan Says:

      Ooo- Sabra. It was sooo nice to catch up with you after so many years at Bri’s baby shower. I was so happy to see you. I am glad that we are still in touch with Bri. We all had so much fun together. I can’t replace those memories. Lots of laughs and good times. Thanks for those….
      —-Love- Felish

  7. Tammy Garcia Logghe Says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful memories. I think about them all the time. I remember when Kim ran over my foot with your three wheeler and all of our fun adventures in the arroyos. I miss them very much and I miss you.

    • flujan Says:

      Tammy, Tammy… I was hoping my words would find you. I have been thinking about you. Everytime I pass your old house- I remember all our times together. I had forgot about Kim running over your foot with my three wheeler. 2 much… We had a blast on the wheelers ha? ‘Member!? Hahahaha…. We need to get together. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, so you gotta hit me up old fashioned.. Like email! Ahaaa… I miss you as well!

      —-always love- Felish

  8. ~Ang~ Says:


    Thank you so much for that wonderful tribute to our beautiful friends Kim and Aun…. I can vividly remember sharing some of the most wonderful and cherished memories with both of them. Aun always giving herself no matter what the situation and Kim trying to help anyone within her reach. God blessed us with two amazing women who we will always remember and will definitely be reunited with in heaven! I miss them both so very much.

  9. Joyce Aragon Says:


    Thanks for this amazing tribute in memory of my beautiful daughter Kim and Aundria. I miss Kim beyond measure but I know she has joined Aundria in Heaven. They were both beautiful, friendly and compassionate. Next week is two years we lost Kim and her friend Janice and I think about them each day. My heart aches that my grandchildren no longer have their mommy. We were definitely blessed to have our sweet Kim and Aundria in our lives. We will never forget them and they will always live within our hearts. Hugs and much Love ❤ Joyce Roybal Aragon

    • flujan Says:

      Hi Joyce- I had been wanting to share some of my memories of the girls. I miss them both so much. I think about Kim all the time, and miss her laugh. We never had a chance to get together- all the girls- like she wanted- she had been planning a mini reunion for us- a Spa Day. Kim was a very special person- I was blessed to have her as my friend. You raised a beautiful woman. Thanks for the visit and please tell Lucas hi. Please keep in touch…
      Sincerely —Felicia

  10. Anna Gonzales Says:

    Thank you for this heart warming story. I miss Aundria and Kim. I’m just glad that we all had them in our lives and special memories. Thank you, Felicia

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