FYI: Symantec Has Been Hacked

If you are one of the countless people using Symantec enterprise products, this information is for you. It is now confirmed that the Symantec source code was snatched up by a hacker with the code name “Yama Tough” in late January. I read several reports tonight, and it is unclear if the entire source code has been released, or if parts of the code have been released? What is clear is that at least some of the code has been posted to file sharing sites such as BitTorrent. This could compromise your private data if you use Symantec. Some of the products at risk include: Norton Internet Security; Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition; Systemworks; and PCAnywhere. Before releasing the source code through file sharing programs, “Yama Tough” asked for 50 grand to keep the code secret. Apparently the hacker was unhappy with the corporation, and started to share the code. You may want to switch to a new product until all this is ironed out if you are indeed using Symantec products.

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