The Legend of Orchis: Man and Flower

A flower from the beautiful orchid plant given to me by my mother for Valentine's Day...

A flower from the beautiful orchid plant given to me by my mother for Valentine’s Day…


Orchis… I am taken by your softness. It is easy to stay lost in that which is plush. Petals roll, they gently bend, each more inviting than the next. Sweet Orchis, you are blessed to draw beauty from a nymph. An orchid so rare and plush that others in the field simply disappear, humbled by your presence.

—-Felicia Lujan_2.17.2012


Information about orchids:. **”its real and imagined qualities are reflected in the folklore of many cultures, much of it concerning health and reproduction.”**”In classical mythology, Orchis, is the son of a satyr and a nymph, who was turned into a flower after his death.”**”In his Materia Medica, the first century A.D. Greek physician Dioscorides hypothesized that orchids influenced sexuality.”**Scholars believed they were “the food of satyrs and powerful aphrodisiacs.”**”Confucius compared the orchid flower to the superior man and its scent to the pleasures of friendship.**”The origin of the plant name is Greek, and comes from the word orkhis.” This is a word to describe part of the male genitalia,”because of the shape of the bulbous roots.””**”Orchids are native to every continent, though most occur in the tropics.”**”Unlike most plants, both male and female reproductive organs are carried on the same structure of the orchid, the column.”**”Laelia: Feminine form of Roman Latin Laelius, possibly meaning “lunar.” This is the name of a beautiful orchid flower named after one of the Vestal Virgins of Roman mythology.”**”Orchis was a man of beauty, beauty which he received from his mother, a nymph.”**”Today, the orchid means refinement as well as beauty and wisdom.”**”The orchid is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.”


The Orchid in the Human Imagination***

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20000 Names***

Meanings and Legends of Flowers***

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