Acknowledgment by Culinary Aficionados

ImageI was taken aback last Friday when a fellow writer Randy delivered surprising news to me. He told me “congratulations Felish!” I said “on what?” He said “one of your pieces was republished in Edible Santa Fe.” I said “what?? I didn’t even know? For what?” Randy told me that it was run along with some of “the best” foodie recipes. I was happy and excited! My grandmother would be so proud. Her dish made “the list!” I figured the list may have been something like the top ten dishes in the last year or something. I set out Friday night and Saturday to hunt down a hard copy of the publication to no avail. I went to two Whole Foods, Tomasitas, Trader Joes, Flying Star Café (which is where Randy scooped up a copy), and I don’t know how many other places? I’ll have to call Kate Manchester today to ask for a copy. I am proud to say that not one but two of my pieces made it into Edible Santa Fe’s “collection” of “favorite classic New Mexican recipes from the past five years.” The people behind this publication know good food, and I am honored that Kate Manchester and Amy White acknowledged my work and my maternal grandmother’s food by publishing at least part of my articles.


ImageKate is a very accomplished and respected woman. Ms. Manchester was a private chef for over 20 years in the Hamptons, the famed resort community on Long Island in New York. She has authored a vast amount of articles, is the author of two books, and she has taught culinary courses. Today, she is the publisher and editor of Edible Santa Fe, and she is the host of Edible Radio. As a personal chef, she has cooked for Bob Zemeckis, Courtney Sale Ross, Donna Karan, Ed Bradley, Holly Hunter, Martin Short, Rob Lowe, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Martha Stewart. She also worked for several years with Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa, and has appeared on the Sara Moulton cooking show, the Today Show, and other national television shows. Ms. Manchester has been a private chef for President Clinton and his family, as well as Vice President Gore and his family. I wish my grandma Corine could see that her chicken sopa is favored by culinary aficionados from the West to the East Coast. She would be so pleased.

For more information on the Edible Communities visit:

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7 Comments on “Acknowledgment by Culinary Aficionados”


  2. Eric Alagan Says:

    Congratulations Felicia – you have done your grandma proud 🙂

  3. Gloria Irene Says:


    That writeup is beautifully done. My mom is looking down and is very proud.
    Not only was that good tasting, but she always had plenty for anyone one that was hungry. God Bless my mother!

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