Rock on with the Audacity 2.0 Release

Two screen shots of my new version of Audacity 2.0. I downloaded the new version last night. There are some additional features and effects in this 2.0 release. Digital composite created by Felicia (I have such a headphone fetish).

I was so excited to get an email this week about a release of the newest version of one of my very favorite programs (of course aside from Adobe Photoshop). Maybe I should say my favorite open source software, which is cross-platform. The Audacity team released version 2.0 (unicode), which I installed and fully loaded last night. Audacity is a free digital audio editing program written by a team of tech/music junkies from around the world. I guess you could say the volunteer developers are the best of the best. The project is hosted by and Google Code, and the program is available for Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux (and other Unix-like systems). For those of you who care to know, Audacity has been designed based on code from the following projects: expat; FLAC; iAVC; LAME; libmad; libsndfile; Nyquist; Ogg Vorbis; PortAudio; portsmf; Resample; sbsms; SoundTouch; TwoLAME; Vamp; and wxWidgets.

I have given the new version a couple spins, and it seems good to go!! I fully loaded up this time, and included extras that I was missing on the last version because I didn’t install them correctly… 😦 This time, I made sure to install the additional plug-ins I wanted- including: LADSPA, with close to 100 plug-ins; additional effects and filters; and the LAME MP3 encoder, to export MP3 files. Before upgrading to 2.0, I had to use other programs to get the audio files into the formats I needed. The new version also features an FFmpeg import/export library, which allows the import and export of additional audio formats (AC3, AMR(NB), M4A and WMA). With this option, you can also import audio directly from video files. I can’t wait to mess with that to see how it all works! Looks like a headphones weekend! Now- I’m set…

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