Kreativ Blogger Award

Lil Mz. Ela— my mysterious friend and the lovely web site administrator, has honored me with a Kreativ Blogger Award… Sweet and sophisticated, Mz. Ela posts about anything and everything, including music videos and cookies– yeahhhh!. She always keeps me interested in her site. Ela even asks if I have smiled from time to time…  🙂  I also love her site header which reads “one sees clearly only with the heart.What is essential is invisible to the eye.” So very true Mz. Ela- and thank you for the award! You should visit Ela’s web site Me Myself and Ela. I am sure you will like it 2. If you are interested in seeing Ela’s nomination for My Voyage Through Time, check it out.

Since I am a make my own rules kinda gal, I wish to pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award by featuring five moving posts in the realm of creativity. My nominations are as follows:


Between Creativity & Safety- Creativity, Safety, and Lifety- Topography of Mind: Freud’s Iceberg Model for Unconscious, Pre-conscious, & Conscious 


Creative Blathering-Thought provoking posts with a touch of philosophy- Reflections of a Crazed Musician: To be Obsessed


Invisible Horse- Living in the moment- Being Apart, or Apart?


Create a Better World- Insights for Enriching a Creative Life- Witnessing the Miraculous Healing Power of Music


4 Chicks and a Muse- The journey to a more creative life begins here- The Science of Art and Creativity


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9 Comments on “Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. Eric Alagan Says:

    Congratulations! All good wishes 🙂

  2. dapplegrey Says:

    Thank you for nominating my post ‘Being a Part, or Apart’ on my blog Invisible Horse! I’m honoured, being quite new to blogging. Thanks!

  3. 3DCitizen Says:

    Thank you so much for nominating my post. I am thrilled at seeing your consideration, and inspired to continue my writing efforts.

  4. […] and a Muse, I’d like to accept this award and thank the Academy, err..I mean flujan at for the […]

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