The Feast

Nosferatu you
consume, now
smell the power
of a thought.
Tainted by the
dark of day, is
that really what
you sought?
Nocturnal walker
of the light–
sustain yourself.
You must feast
to continue on,
so take my wealth.
Alive, but dead,
nourish your mind
with energy.
Fill blinded eyes
with brilliant rays
so you can see.
Pulling at the nape,
pierce energy with
fangs so sharp.
Feast on an electric
mind and watch
your spirit warp.
Suck life force
from my dreams
with your crimson
Nocturnal beast
sustain yourself
with pointed
golden tips.

by Felicia Lujan_3.27.2012

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6 Comments on “The Feast”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I love it! I love the photo, it goes really well with the poem you wrote.

  2. MarleneS Says:

    Ditto on Joanna’s comment!!

  3. Eric Alagan Says:

    A unique approach to Bram Stoker’s character – great creative juices here – red and bloody 🙂

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