Bear’s Belly by Edward S. Curtis (Arikara Indian half-length portrait, facing front, wearing bearskin) 1908


Close the curtains if you dare,

but in the still of night…

The walker will be standing there,

and you’ll be filled with fright.


With no control, and trembling,

catch a glimpse of eyes aglow.

Penetrating glass as gazes lock,

your fear begins to show.


Walker will absorb your thoughts,

then spit them out with bone.

Emulate a beast with wicked charms

to make the weak ones moan.


His mask is thick to avoid sight.

There are weapons by his side.

The skinwalker is fast and agile,

so don’t bother trying to hide.


Swallow the curse. Savor the pain.

There is nothing more to do.

After taking locks of precious hair,

he will steal your soul from you.


 by Felicia Lujan


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2 Comments on “Skinwalker”

  1. KC Says:

    Nice! Elements of horror and myth and images of intense and nightmare level clarity. I like it!


    • flujan Says:

      Lotssss of interpretations are possible. All of my work is highly symbolic and intricate! I 2 love the darkness! Still- I am full of light… 🙂

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