Jessica, Isaiah, Felicia and Daryn at the Wise Fool Parade

Jessica, Isaiah, Felicia and Daryn – Growing a New Mindset at the Wise Fool Parade. The parade was intended to educate people about avoiding consumerism by giving nature and the world around us our attention and love. They also talked about investing in The People’s Bank or investing our knowledge, skills and love in people instead of investing in material things. Great message!!!

Today my cousin Jessica sent me a Smilebox. It was such a cool thing to get. It reminded me that I had not yet posted about our fun day at the Railyard Park in Santa Fe. We went to see a puppet show by Wise Fool at the end of April, and it was a great day. We laughed so much while we were there. Jess and I joked about how Santa Fe may be the only place where you can catch an educational puppet show about consumerism and attention to nature (such a great message for kids), participate in a march for women, and see a fund raising walk all in the same day. During the march for women, one woman was waving a sign which read “women belong in the House and the Senate.” Nice… The boys had a chance to let out some energy at the park, and we had a picnic. I only wished more locals would heed the messages I embraced that day. Anyhow— thanks for the Smilebox Jess! You made my day….. 🙂

Print screen from the Smilebox my cousin Jessica sent me today.


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4 Comments on “Jessica, Isaiah, Felicia and Daryn at the Wise Fool Parade”

  1. I am SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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