Marilyn, Mr. President and a Gossip Rag

***Cover of the Globe, Vol.59, No.22, May 28,2012*** Marilyn Monroe's Love Child with JFK

***Cover of the Globe, Vol.59, No.22, May 28,2012*** Marilyn Monroe’s Love Child with JFK

Wow… Did I really just buy a gossip rag?? I can’t believe it? What a mess- there should be a law against archivists purchasing these things! Hahaha 🙂 Well what can I say? I couldn’t resist the power of the rag as I checked out in the grocery store tonight. There is just something about Marilyn… I giggled, and maybe even turned red when I gave it to the cashier. So did she. I told her why I was interested, and she fed me stories about her childhood. She said she was captivated by the images and conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Monroe as a little girl. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have childhood memories of an assassin taking out President Kennedy, and the possible murder of a starlet.

Though I did pick up a publication filled with gossip, I did see that the cover noted a new book. I figured it was the one recently put out by Jackie’s former personal Secret Service Agent, smoking pal, and possible lover. It is not that book. This one is a “blockbuster new book” titled Marilyn at Rainbow’s End: Sex, Lies, Murder, and the Great Cover-up. The book “rips the lid off Monroe’s most shocking secrets on the eve of the 50th anniversary of her mysterious death.” The gossip rag claims the book documents the existence of a “love child,” Marilyn’s “heartbreaking abortion,” her “showdown with Jackie Kennedy,” her connection to “Cuban dictator Fidel Castro,” and her “electric touch” with lesbian movie queens.

I would need to track down the book before I could assign any scholarly credibility to it. While those potential topics are interesting, what really topped my list on attention grabbers was a possible diary. It may be that Monroe kept “a red diary, in which she recorded all affairs.” This book is said to have been sought after by the Kennedy family because if it had been discovered, “the Kennedys would have been ruined.” First, I will need to find this new book. I also wonder if the Monroe diary is real? Is it red and soft? How big is it? Where would the diary be? What was Marilyn’s penmanship like? Did she prefer black or blue pens? Would her secrets actually be inked? Hum… If anything, the rag sure got my cogz spinnin’!

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4 Comments on “Marilyn, Mr. President and a Gossip Rag”

  1. Hello, with respects and best wishes, I’m Danforth Prince, president of Blood Moon Productions, the company that published this new biography by Darwin Porter about the last year of MM’s life. Grateful we are for your open-mindedness, and honored we are with your attention and time. BEST wishes to you, and I hope you enjoyed the book! xx Dan

    • flujan Says:

      Yes- hello Mr. Prince. Thank you for stopping by! How ever did you find me? I visited your site for Blood Moon Productions, and the company looks interesting. Mz.M was a lovely woman. I have not read the book yet- but I can’t wait… Is there really a red diary? Where are her papers? Is there an archival collection anywhere? I am an archivist with a mad interest in the lady and her fella.

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