Research Rocks: Combing the 1940 Census

*****1940 United States Census*****
Census Bureau Typing Pool
—–How Uniform??? All Virgos???—–
(NARA Image)

The census rolls for the 1940 United States Census of
New Mexico are now available in Southwest Collections!
Bless the National Archives and Records Administration
for all of their digitization efforts, but sometimes we still
need to feel (microfilm and books) right? I had a
heck of a time attempting to locate my family electronically
(and I am a CDIM). Unfortunately, the online database and
project still need some work, but until then- use the film!
I can’t wait to  check them out!! These rolls are hot off
processing, and cost thousands of dollars. Today marks
the first day the rolls are available in Southwest Collections.
There are 18 rolls for New Mexico. Yeaaaaah!

Happy researching rockers!!!!!

*****1940 United States Census*****
Enumeration District Map for San Miguel County
(NARA Image)

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4 Comments on “Research Rocks: Combing the 1940 Census”

  1. That’s wonderful! Blessings!

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