Humanity and Wars: The New HBO Film- Hemingway & Gellhorn

Screen shots I liked from the official movie trailer…

I loved the quote from the official movie trailer— “there are wars….and there are wars.” Why is it that our human imperfections make us so vulnerable in personal wars? I am talking about wars between lovers, because after all, those can prove to be the most heart wrenching battles.  I have called all over Santa Fe looking for the movie. I want to buy it, and I am one digital master who does not partake in online shopping (quit laughing— see my post on the recent data breach involving LinkedIn). Frankly, I am even shocked I have a WordPress site, because yes WordPress data is a popular target for hackers. The key here is- I don’t have any personal information on my administrative end or public end! Aiii- the things I do in the name of my interests! Anyhow— I can’t wait to see this movie. I was at my sister’s house the weekend it was released, and my mom and I became even more interested in the movie after seeing a few scenes of it. This one is sure to be a keeper. I wrote about Mr. Hemingway in my post titled Whiskey Dreams: Inside the Mind of Hemingway (May 10, 2012). Check it out if you get a chance.

From the HBO Synopsis—

HEMINGWAY & GELLHORN recounts one of the greatest romances of the last century – the passionate love affair and tumultuous marriage of literary master Ernest Hemingway and the beautiful, trailblazing war correspondent Martha Gellhorn – as it follows the adventurous writers through the Spanish Civil War and beyond. As witnesses to history, they covered all the great conflicts of their time; but the war they couldn’t survive was the war between themselves.”

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3 Comments on “Humanity and Wars: The New HBO Film- Hemingway & Gellhorn”

  1. Abby Rae Says:

    I am hoping to have some free time to watch this weekend!

  2. JustMeMike Says:

    I recently reviewed this film, and I concluded that despite HBO calling it epic – it wasn’t epic. It has a lot going for it – and while I wouldn’t rate it all that highly – it does grab you. Check out the review on my site if you have time.


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