Submission: When It May Be Time to Tap Out

1955 action shot of female wrestlers
Penny Banner and LeeChona La Claire
competing in the ring in the first legal
women’s wrestling match (Chicago, Illinois).
Image No. LC-USZ62-128082, New York
World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper
Photograph Collection, Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division
Washington, D.C. 20540 USA.

Submission… We all fear unwanted submission right? So how do we know when it’s actually time to say when? When is it time to say heck wit’ it??? When is it time to tap out and move on? Is it when your arm is purple? How about when your neck is raw, or your legs are attempting to thrash for relief? Well for me, it is close to when my heart rate marks “flatline.” It is when my pulse is weak, and I finally realize that it is useless to continue on with something for no reason. Sometimes we think it’s hard to tell, yet the answer is probably just as clear as glass.  So why bother? I could have the absolute best moves, the tightest “A” game, a top notch game plan, but still, I really need to know when it’s time. Whether you feel like you are in a choke hold, headlock, armbar, stomach claw, full nelson, or a sharpshooter, timing is essential. Who wants to look like a fool? Unwanted submission may be a sign of weakness, but there could simply be more pain without it. It gets hard to deal with sharpshooters and heartbreak after a while, so maybe we shouldn’t? After all, salvation from any opponent is just a tap away. If you aren’t pinned in a sharpshooter, or if you aren’t in a strong finger hold, it may be time to tap away my friend!

*****Of course this post isn’t about wrestling at all— now is it? I dedicate this post to my gurl Tiare (the fitness buff)– she had a rough day today. I COMPLETELY understand!!! Fight through the pain Tiare— run on woman!!!

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3 Comments on “Submission: When It May Be Time to Tap Out”

  1. this is amazing. exactly how i feel. i tapped out before i got more hurt and pain. it is better. sometimes the thoughts of wishing i might have stayed but a match is a match is a match…if you’re fighting…if you’re not working out…whats the point? and who cares who wins at this point. always protect your heart. i had to do this very thing and it has been a struggle but nothing close to the anxiety of feeling that feeling every single day. thank you for suggesting me to read this post.

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