Make Believe at the Albuquerque Comic Expo

Today we went to the Albuquerque Comic Expo. The expo “is the southwest’s premier comic book, pop culture, and entertainment convention,” which is running from June 8th-10th, 2012 at the Albuquerque Convention Center. Of course Daryn loved all the costumes. It was hard to get him to take pictures because he was a little scared at first, but he eventually warmed up to the costumed comic eaters. We saw all kinds of interesting things. This was the first time any of us had ever been to the event, and it was worth the $20 ticket. So many people have recommended it. Of course you know we had to dress up!!

Daryn was dressed as Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (MK one of our all time favorites). In Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang “is portrayed as a Shaolin monk who enters the Mortal Kombat tournament to save his world, Earthrealm, from being destroyed due to having lost nine consecutive tournaments. Since his victory in the tournament, Liu Kang acts as defender from the Earthrealms along with the Earth’s other warriors under his mentor’s guide, the thunder god Raiden.” Yes- he wanted his hair blue… I was dressed as the Russian Avenger, the Black Widow. The Black Widow is “a world class athlete,” as well as a “weapons specialist” with “extensive espionage training.” I did regret not wearing the $30 dollar red wig I picked up for this event. I chickened out right before we went in and pulled out all the bobby pins! What a mess…

I wished there would have been more people dressed as Mortal Kombat characters. That’s something I wanted to see (maybe Sheeva, Jax or Kitana). We did see all kinds of costumes. Some of the costumes we saw included: Iron Man; Batman; Superman; Green Lantern; Lara Croft (Tomb Raider); Poison Ivy(s); Cylon (Battlestar Galactica); Black Widow(s); Wonder Woman(s); Thor; Punisher; Robin; and Darth Vader. There were many others that I didn’t recognize. It was fun to check out how creative people were. I was most impressed with the ladies bringing the heat as female versions of male characters. Check out my pictures (below) and you will see what I mean. I just loved that!!! I also got to spec some dirty weapons and some Avenger theme heels… Nice!!!

I learned so much today about art and copyright law. I have to get something educational out of everything I do (or at least I try to do that anyhow). My favorite part of the whole expo was the magnificent artists, writers, and illustrators. I couldn’t believe some of the works I saw come to life right before my eyes. I learned some things about the various pens and inks these artists use. There was an artist coming with the sickness from the ATL. He was an expert in watercolors, and was painting Super Girl. There were several women making a difference in the world of comics as well. I fell in love with my new favorite— Lady Death! She rocks!!! They had a poster of Lady Death with another of my favorites Spawn. Now that was a great poster.

It was a day… I am tired… but it sure was something…

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6 Comments on “Make Believe at the Albuquerque Comic Expo”

  1. antiquityandadventures Says:

    Now that looks like HUGE fun 🙂

    • flujan Says:

      Thanks Mr. Adventure…. It was a blast. Do they have an expo over there? I do think a visit to a light house or a kit festival would be just as fun!!

  2. ZOMG!!! I am sooooooooooooo jealous!! 😀

  3. wow! looks like a blast-would love to go with you guys next year!

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