A New Mexican Female Rocking the World of Boxing

A ripped Holly Holm at her weigh in this week
for her June 15, 2012 match against the French
woman who beat her in 2011. Holm weighed in
at 146 ripped pounds. Muscle weighs more than
fat people! 🙂 Holm busted it for this killer body. Her
mind is sharp as well!! Training is not for the weak!

Albuquerque boxer Holly Holm won tonight in a unanimous decision in her rematch against Anne Sophie Mathis. The rematch against the French woman who beat her in December of 2011 happened at the Route 66 Casino. Holm has won 9 fights by TKO, and the woman she won tonight has won 22 fights by TKO! Winning this fight, gives Mz. Holly 3 women’s world welterweight titles (IBA, WBF and WBAN). She was absolutely ripped for her weigh in! She must have worked so hard. Holly rocks!!! Nice… Check out this super cool vid— A Day in the Life of Holly Holm. The opening quote is sweet. The video follows “Holly Holm in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico as she prepared for a welterweight fight in March of 2007.”

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10 Comments on “A New Mexican Female Rocking the World of Boxing”

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    Thank you

  2. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing Says:

    Reblogged this on lost creek publishing.

  3. Jean-Jacques Says:

    As the old saying goes, ‘Make love not war’! Ergo those muscular arms and apparent punching power…convincingly suggests this is someone with whom you don’t want to make war. JJ

  4. Outstanding! Many Blessings to you and all you do! Namaste, S

  5. curvygurl5 Says:

    Hey curvygurl, oops I mean Felicia. Thank you for the compliment. I will add you to my list to follow. Have a good weekend.

  6. I had the pleasure of training with boxing champ, Graciela Casillas, back in the day. It takes incredible strength and endurance!

  7. […] following Holly for a few years now, and have posted about her a good handful of times. I felt so inspired by her in 2012 when I posted video footage of Holly’s training program, which include…. I could feel her heart and drive through that footage. I felt so proud of her last night and got […]

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