Pint-Sized Hotness: Coffee with My Friend Becky

About a month ago, I received an email from my old best friend Becky. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and we have been attempting to meet up for a bit. She was here about a month ago and we didn’t get it together at that time, so we decided to meet up this afternoon. Before I hit the gym, I visited with my friend for coffee at the Green Owl, a new coffee shop here in Santa Fe. The baristas make a killer caramel breve there, and I was able to convince Becky to try one. I joked that she would be addicted now because that’s what happened to me. I have cut them out during the week, but it was still Sunday for God’s sake!

~A New Sign at the Green Owl~
Nice… Bad Coffee Sucks!!!

It has been close to 15 years since I have seen the pint-sized beauty with a heart of gold. We do send each other Christmas cards and we talk through email, but it was the first time we have seen each other face to face in many, many years. We had a great visit- ripping through over a decade of history in a couple of hours. We laughed and we cried. It was hard for me to realize that I failed to be there for her during what was probably one of the most difficult times in her life- the death of her father. I have always had a very hard time dealing with death. It has never been easy for me, so I can only imagine how hard it was for her. I missed her father’s funeral, I left early from my friend Kim’s funeral, and I never went to my friend Aundria’s funeral (among others). I really need to learn to deal with loss and pain. I apologized to her when I came to the realization (right then and there) that I had failed as a friend. I felt emotionally drained after thinking about it all afternoon. If there was anybody I should have been there for, it was Becky. She and I went through the wringer together. She was right there with me the day I found out my uncle Julian died. She hugged me and told me it would be ok. There are so many stories, so much heartbreak, so much fun, so many laughs. I miss her.

~Becky Carrillo and the Pink Taco Crew~
Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Last time we talked she was laughing about how much I loved Color Me Badd when we were young. Yes- yes- yes people, I have always loved music! We went to their concert in Albuquerque together in the 90s and had a blast. She said she thought of me because they played a concert in Las Vegas not long ago. You know I just had to download me some throw back Color Me Badd tonight right Beck? Haha 🙂 … Becky is a bartender at the Hard Rock Hotel. She has worked at the “mega-hip Mexican cantina,” Pink Taco for 13 years. She is good at what she does, and I am sure she gets “mega” tips with her outstanding personality, infectious smile, and hot looks! Now she can track all those tips with a special mobile app called Tip Bucket that her man Tracy “the boy” wrote for her. It is available on iTunes for $0.99. Yes!! He is a Las Vegas code genius- I told Becky to tell him that I LOVED him and I don’t even know him! She said Tracy could sit and write code for hours and hours and hours!! Dream job (no really see for yourself and click here)…. I absolutely loved it when she said “some girls get flowers, and some girls get apps.” Loved it!!! Tracy wrote the code for a special app to track Becky’s tips and her statistics ‘n’ such. How cool is that? Nice…

~Becky and Felicia~
July 1, 2012 in Santa Fe, New Mexico
(yes— my eyes are sooo closed! The
best photo I had taken of us today was
taken by my son Daryn- who really liked Mz. Becky by the way!)

I will have to set aside some space here on my site to write about the misadventures of Becky and I. We have some good stories we shared together— like one of the MANY times we passed my curfew and I rolled around in the rain water to say her car broke down (sorry mom 😦 – haha). Or how about all the times I got to drive her and Denise to school in her sweet little
Chevy Cavalier? Someone had to drive while they put on their make-up! There are many stories to tell, but for tonight, I will turn in and listen to some Color Me Badd with the headphones and my lonely iPod. It was so nice to have coffee with pint-sized hotness herself!

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4 Comments on “Pint-Sized Hotness: Coffee with My Friend Becky”

  1. Perianne Says:

    What warm memories, not mine but I still feel the fun. It is so wonderful to have history with people we love.

    • flujan Says:

      Yes— Perianne you are so right. It is wonderful. I am sure there have been many people blessed by your presence in life as well.

  2. Becky Carrillo Says:

    So much fun! I loved it! I attached it to FB and Twitter!
    “Cause we are each other’s angels And we meet when it is time We keep each other going And we show each other signs”…………… Chuck Brodsky.

    When I get up in the morning I’ll make your blog a part of my daily routine with my FB!

    • flujan Says:

      I know Beck…. It was so nice to see you. Next time- lunch is on me brat! 😉 You know what I like gurl! Hahahaaa… Throwin’ in a quote and all. I love that quote. I love signs, and you are a little angel. Thanks for sharing my post with all your FB Budz- and I guess mine as well eh? Haha!

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