My Special Delivery from New Zealand

One of the first wonderful writers I was exposed to when I started my web site was Maryanne Pale (Poetic Inspirations). She is a captivating woman from New Zealand. This woman is intrinsically and physically beautiful. She is a gifted writer who loves education. Maryanne is “of Tongan ethnicity with Samoan ancestral roots.” She “was born and raised in New Zealand,” and she is “in the process of completing post-graduate studies, full-time, at The University of Auckland, New Zealand.” Ms. Pale is part of a group of Pasifika and New Zealand Poets who fly by the name S.A.P.C., which stands for South Auckland Poets Collective. This poet collective is comprised of young Maori and Pasifika Poets from New Zealand.

Maryanne Pale and her Niece Bubba

Sometime back Maryanne said that she wanted to mail me some books about New Zealand. I was so excited by her offer because I am completely intrigued by the Maori. My package arrived on a day I needed a ray of sunshine, and I was so pleased with the special delivery. Maryanne even included a sweet bar of chocolate in her gift. When I emailed her to confirm that the package had arrived, I discovered that it is winter in New Zealand. She also learned that the United States (and particularly New Mexico) was experiencing weather in the 100º range- and I am very luck that the chocolate did not melt on the books Maryanne ;)!

When I told her I wanted to repay her she simply said for me to “pay it forward.” I have contemplated starting a “pay it forward” initiative. At some point I would like to invite other writers and artists to engage in educational sharing through the mail. With the increase in technology as a means of sharing and communication, it would be such a breath of fresh air. It could be an opportunity to learn things about far away places that we may never get the chance to visit. I have already learned so much!

Thanks again Maryanne for the thoughtful gifts.
You are a very special woman with a bright future!

Felicia Gets a Special Delivery from Maryanne Pale

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8 Comments on “My Special Delivery from New Zealand”

  1. Hi Felicia,
    Thank you so much! Wow, I didn’t expect this. I am both humbled and honored by your kind words. I am glad to read that you are pleased with the books and that the chocolate didn’t melt all over them hehe! It made me teary eyed when I read the part where you stated: “When I told her I wanted to repay her she simply said for me to “pay it forward.” I have contemplated starting a “pay it forward” initiative.” – that is a blessing indeed and I know that you will be able to carry that out effortlessly because you’re a very intelligent woman! Continue to do the wonderful work that you do and thank you so much for your words of encouragement and support. I truly appreciate it. May you have a wonderful week!
    God bless xox

  2. Reblogged this on Poetic Inspirations and commented:
    Once again, thank you Felicia Lujan for this beautiful post. Many blessings to you and your family xox

  3. You are a very inspirational and treasured Jewel! You deserve every blessing that finds it way to your heart’s door! Thanks for always being so loving, sharing, and caring, and selfless to all! A jewel you are but even more so…an angel! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend my sister!

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