Why Wait to Learn About Crypto Connections?

Journal of Spanish, Portuguese,
and Italian Crypto-Jews
Cover of Volume I, Spring 2009

One thing I hate about the summer is my lack of time. There are always so many things going on- far more than I can successfully grasp! One conference I am sorry that I will miss is the 22nd Annual Conference of the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies. The conference will be held next week in Albuquerque, New Mexico from July 22-24, 2012. I would have loved to attend a special session being presented by a group of scholars, historians and genealogists. I know two of them very well. Exploring Hispano Family History, a genealogy workshop, will be presented by historian and genealogist José Antonio Esquibel, Henrietta Martinez Christmas, and a few others. I have been very interested in the scholarly studies being unearthed in this area. The oral history of my maternal line denotes a possible connection to Crypto-Jewish ancestry. When the DNA of my maternal line was analyzed not long ago, the DNA came back Native American. I believe that oral traditions hold firm ground in history, and so there must be a connection somehow linking the great grandmother I was named after to Crypto-Jewish ancestry. Her family came from Portugal through Canada in the 1800s. A great publication to check out is the Journal of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Crypto-Jews. The journal contains the comprehensive research of contemporary scholars if you are interested in studies of this nature. My maternal DNA or mtDNA did return with a Native American result, so I have come to an educated conclusion that the Crypto-Jewish connection is not directly maternal. I think that the missing link may actually be my great grandmother’s father. If I wasn’t already attending the NAGARA/CoSA Conference here is Santa Fe, I would have planned to learn more about Crypto Judaic Studies. The Chair of the agency I work for is a Senior Adviser to the Board of the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies. He is also a founding member of the society. Dr. Stanley Hordes is a Former New Mexico State Historian who wrote a book titled To the End of the Earth (a must read). I have had many, many conversations with Dr. Hordes, who always insists I call him Stan.  At one point when my grandmother was alive, he wanted to interview her. Unfortunately, she passed away before he ever had the opportunity. I could kick myself a million times because I have missed so many chances to learn more about my family history just waiting for tomorrow. Don’t wait! Learn more today…

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9 Comments on “Why Wait to Learn About Crypto Connections?”

  1. meiro Says:

    Always love to read your works Felicia.

    Warm regards,

  2. pennycoho Says:

    I enjoyed the read. Fascinating information but I for one am not surprised. I’ve always felt that people around the world are a great deal more interconnected (thru historical events) than we think we are. Great post!

  3. fascinating stuff . would love to know more about the whole subject… did you know for example that the DNA of a Stone Age man found in the Cheddar Gorge in England was found in a number of people still ilving round about?
    When you get to the bottom of your heritage, would be great to hear about it…

    • flujan Says:

      Wasn’t it Valerie? No I didn’t know that. How interesting- I will need to check that out. I am still learning about this at it is an emerging area of study- but I can’t wait to learn more!

  4. spoonbeams Says:

    So much fun reading your posts. I came back to see what you were up to, and wasn’t disappointed. I’m not a follower, but I’ll hover.

  5. annetbell Says:

    Many thanks for the follow, I hope you will return again soon and often. I will enjoy getting to know you , too! Namaste. . . . .

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