Coincidental Tourist: Jelly Beans and Politics

Marilyn Monroe at Universal Studios_8.6.2012

Marilyn Monroe at Universal Studios_8.6.2012

I loved the strange coincidence that I just happened to be in California during the 50th Anniversary of the death of Mz. Marilyn Monroe. Mass amounts of people went to be near her grave side this Sunday. She was laid to rest in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962. A large memorial wreath was also placed on her star in Hollywood.

On the way to Universal Studios, I got the chance to see the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In 1960, the Democratic National Convention was held in LA. This is where Senator John F. Kennedy was nominated for the presidency. This is also where he delivered his acceptance speech.

Today while at Universal Studios, I again happened to run into the modern day Monroe and snapped a shot. While I was in City Walk, I saw a sculpture of Mz. Monroe. There stood an elaborate piece devoted to the diva which was created using 254,093 Jelly Belly beans. The edible sculpture was priced at $25,409.30! “.30???” Really?? What the? Where did the cents come from?! Now that’s an expensive treat! Haha!

These were all probably just coincidences, but I was more than happy to encounter each one… Today I wondered what Marilyn wrote as a final entry in her mysterious diary? The world may never know?

Jelly Belly Bean Marilyn at Universal City Walk_8.6.2012

Jelly Belly Bean Marilyn at Universal City Walk_8.6.2012

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4 Comments on “Coincidental Tourist: Jelly Beans and Politics”

  1. raven's witch Says:

    that 30 cents tacked on was really crazy! i look at coincidences as having some hidden meaning…well not so much hidden as…i don’t know how to put it exactly. it’s just like it has some type of meaning. i bet if she had died in the last 10-15 years we’d the know what &how&who of her death.

    • flujan Says:

      Yes- Mz. Raven- I feel the same. Everything happens for a reason. Yeah- I know right? What was up with the 30 cents?? Weird! If she were still involved with a president again when she died- if it would have been 10 years ago- it would have probably still been a mystery!

  2. MarS Says:

    Lucky Felish–I wish I was there!! There is an article on Marilyn in the People magazine and I thought of you when I read it.

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