My Sun Symbol and Special Things

I will love the light for it shows me
the way. Yet I will endure the
darkness for it shows me the stars.
~Og Mandino

~~Sun Wind Chime~~
The sun is one of my symbols and after
taking the photo, I realized that another
of my symbols is in the background~ bird.
That is a bird house that my son Daryn and I
made together and then painted last summer.

On Tuesday I had a surprise visit from my godmother. She dropped by my work to bring me a birthday gift. I love that my friends and family know me so well. I did adore every single thing I was given this year. When I opened her gift, I couldn’t believe that there was yet another of my symbols~ the sun. Her gift included light (in the form of a large cherry scented candle) and a silver wind chime (with a sun face). So funny… The chime was small and sounded beautiful. I am one of the rare people who would say that the absolute best present I received came in the form of paper. I always say I am such a nerd, but I do love it! After I opened my gift my aunt Rita turned to me and said “and…….I have been wanting to give you these.” I stood silent as she pulled a blue booklet and aged paper from mid-air. She opened each and shared them with me. My first words were “this is the best birthday present I was given.” The two items belonged to my maternal grandmother who has passed away. The 5 year anniversary of her death passed only days ago. It is also her birthday on September 24. My godmother had given me my grandma’s original diploma and marriage license. These are two items I have never seen and that I do not have in my archival collection of family papers. What a gift…. I am smiling just thinking about it. I think my grandma would be happy to know they were given to me. She knew how much I adore history~and simply just how much I care.

~~1933 Public School Diploma~~
The diploma belonged to my maternal
grandmother Corina Valdez.
She graduated in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


~~1933 Public School Diploma~~
The diploma belonged to my maternal
grandmother Corina Valdez.
She graduated in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


~~1941 Marriage License~~
The license belonged to my maternal
grandparents Filadelfio Garcia and Corina Valdez.
The certificate is a civil marriage record and
was recorded in Mora, New Mexico.

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9 Comments on “My Sun Symbol and Special Things”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re lucky you have people who love you so much.

  2. iamrising Says:

    One time in history, long ago, I burned all my papers. Licenses, diplomas, bachelors degree, social security card, drivers license… lol… just torched it all. I was having some kind of spiritual breakdown, wanted to return to freedom, and felt trapped by prescribed identity. Anyway… after recovering a few years later I have come to regret destroying what I now consider to be public property – official documents are sort of… like museum keepsakes. I’m glad your family’s have landed in the hands of someone who intends to see them through to the future. Thank you for sharing this window of your life 🙂 Overout! April

    • flujan Says:


      That is actually interesting to learn. I am sure I could understand your need to do that. It was obviously a step toward your “recovery.” Maybe you just needed to be reborn- someone new- a fresh start- it was part of the healing process and that is a good thing. I must say that as an archivist, it does make me a little sad to know you erased some history, however, I believe that the paper is really nothing without what we leave in the collective memory. I am sure you will still leave your mark in other ways, shapes and forms. The papers and documents are only a small fragment of who we really are— inside. How we connect to and disconnect from others. You are redocumenting your identity through your “living playground.”

      Thanks for your thought provoking post. I had to reply before I closed my eyes for the night.

      Sincerely- Felicia

  3. Abby Rae Says:

    Your posts always make me smile 🙂

  4. rommel Says:

    When I visited my grandma before, she laid out so much food on the table for me. She won’t let me stand up. Grandma’s are just cool! They have that charm and character that are natural, automatic and just something that makes you smile.

    Sadlty, I don’t get to visit a lot due to work. Your godmother did very very smart move giving you memorabilia of your grandma. Tiny little things that envelope big memories, these are worth treasuring for.

    Thank you for making me remember my family.

    • flujan Says:

      Thanks Rommel-

      Also thanks for taking the time to give a thoughtful response. Wow- food and grams go hand in hand right? Food memories are the very best. Work will always be there- make time to visit your grandma. They get old quickly. I am glad that I helped you remember your family. *Take care. -F

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