My Love Affair with Writing

The Love Poem by Felicia Lujan
Written on December 31, 1983 at 8 years old
My First Attempt at Poetry

Is there anything better to find? The other day I came across a poem I wrote when I was just eight years old! Eight years old?? With original art work! Nice… I don’t know what could demonstrate my age old love affair with writing and creativity better than a love poem I penciled as a child? I even made this into a little card. My mom— I love, love, love her for saving this. It may be one of the most special things of mine that I have come across in the family papers she has passed on to me. It’s kinda funny that she wrote β€œsad” on it, because the poem isn’t sad at all. This just goes back to how a reader of another person’s writing interprets the piece. I could give her a big hug right now for writing the date on it. Thank you mom! This could just be the first poem I ever wrote? There have been so many. This one was for my parents. I just couldn’t believe that I was only one year older than my son is today when I wrote this? Wow! It seems I was sort of advanced for my age or maybe boys are different? I’m not sure? I mean- I can’t picture my son writing like this? Anyhow- I wanted to share the evidence tonight. Here is evidence that I have been in love with writing farther back than I can even remember!
What a great find…

The Love Poem by Felicia Lujan
Written on December 31, 1983 at 8 years old
My First Attempt at Poetry

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13 Comments on “My Love Affair with Writing”

  1. klekolo Says:

    So awesome!! makes ya smile all day!

  2. Kara Smith Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I love running across childhood treasures:) This is very cute!

  3. Laura Lou Says:

    Ahhhhh, that is the cutest thing ever!!!! That totally brightened my day! My mom is like the sun πŸ™‚

  4. s1ngal Says:

    this is my today’s *awww* moment. lovely poem. People so underestimate 8 year olds…

    • flujan Says:

      Haha!! Thanks s1ngal… I know right? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the date? It just confirmed that I have been addicted to writing since I was just a child! Thanks for the visit… – Felicia

  5. Gilbert Lujan Says:

    I think you are like the rain and sun yourself……and that is all I have to say!!!!

  6. […] No literary tools. No clue. Just feelings and words. (Read the first poem I wrote at 8yrs old in My Love Affair with Writing) My heart was meant to leave remnants of emotion. Those remnants are sparkly and dark, beautiful […]

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