MVP on Fire!

This month will go down in history. This month my sister Katelin and other ladies from the Pojoaque Valley sliced their way through several volleyball teams to bring home a trophy and two MVP medals. The Elkettes were part of the 2-day~ Penasco Invitational Volleyball Tournament. The tournament took place in Penasco, New Mexico from September 7 thru September 8, 2012. On the first day of the tournament the ladies had a pool play, which is used to establish the bracket. Even on the day of the pool play the Elkettes showed up on top- yes- number 1 on the bracket!

Katelin and Her Team Holding the Bracket Chart
with their Brand New Trophy in Front
~September 2012~

After making it through the quarter finals and the semi-finals the town of Penasco received a message. The message was loud and clear from the PHS Junior Varsity team players. They were on their game and they were fit to take the finals from a varsity team in a varsity tournament. I am sure that by this time, Escalante was second guessing the offensive movements of their setter. My sister Katelin’s position is setter. I was so happy to hear that out of 8 teams and close to 100 ladies, Katelin was one of 6 to receive a Most Valuable Player (MVP) medal for this tournament. She was selected by a team of coaches and refs.

Katelin Lujan Holding Her MVP Medal
~September 2012~

Katelin Lujan is Awarded Her MVP Medal
~September 2012~

~Lil Wayne~
Gifting Katelin with a Game Face
and Some Heat!

You know I had to ask what Kate listens to to get her game face on? (even thought I know~but for the record :)). I mean which beats get her going? She quickly rattled off a list of her favorite artists with Lil Wayne on top as usual! She said that his song “My Homies Still” gets her going, but she also liked to listen to 2Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Waka Flocka. When you need to get focused, there is nothing like music to get you there!!

Our dad was proud to mention that Kate is the only player who plays the entire game as the setter. He said “everyone else rotates out.” I asked him why he thought it was important for her to be a part of a team and he said “because it keeps her mind sharp, it keeps her busy, it keeps her GPA up, and it keeps her physically fit.” Her mom Julie also added “I am very proud of her for being on the team and making MVP.” This flamin’ Lujan from Pojo is a Junior this year, but I am sure she is ready to bring the heat her senior year!

Katelin Lujan, Pojoaque High School #3
Sophomore Year

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2 Comments on “MVP on Fire!”

  1. Gilbert Lujan Says:

    You always amaze me with your talent for writing!
    Love you soooooo much!

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