Original poem and digital composite
featuring a corset by Felicia Lujan.





Liberate my painted~ moonlit soul

unlace an ocean and the deep.


Release the bosom~ pull on strings

untie the knots while I’m asleep.


Loosen a strand of needless time

undo the need to have a key.


Open me up~ corsets breed the weak

unfasten these ties and let me see.


Alter the fit and change the mold

I will promise to deflect the sun.


Free the wings secured by twine

for it is time to come undone.





by Felicia Lujan

October 14, 2012

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13 Comments on “~Undone~”

  1. This post made me think of this. Should be the theme song for this post.

  2. This speaks to the soul of all of us

  3. lizziejoy10 Says:

    A beautiful poem that speaks to my heart. Blessings.

  4. Very nice. Written by a great person and any person should live by this.

    Do you twitter? I’d love to exchange writing and feedback sometimes.


    Daan van den Bergh

  5. rommel Says:

    Very nice one, flujan.

  6. […] Felicia Flujan, “Undone“ from My Voyage Through […]

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