Why I Love My Sister

~~My Beautiful Sister~~
Laura Lujan (Lou)

Yesterday was “National Boss Day” which has been observed in the United States and Canada since the late 1950s. I didn’t even know until I got the sweet little message below~ handmade by my sister. Laura is awesome on so many levels. She is considerate, smart, funny, and a pleasure for me to be around. She and I could talk for hours about nothing at all and everything all at once. I have always felt that she is the best listener I know. I am always able to talk to her and she genuinely cares about what I have to say. That is a rare trait today. Most people glaze over when I talk to them or would rather pay attention to the world around them. My sister~ she is an amazing woman. She is a professional with class and respect. When it comes to her career as a certified auditor, she is meticulous and constantly strives for perfection. Lately my sister has been exploring her creative side a bit more which I love! She always takes the time to make me feel special. There is really no one like her. I am lucky that God blessed me. In her, I have found my best friend. Marilyn Monroe once said “this life is what you make it. Not matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends~ they’ll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything~ they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world.” Ahhhh~ Mz. Monroe~ she was so right!

~~A Hand Crafted Message for Boss Day~~
Made for me by my sister Laura.

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12 Comments on “Why I Love My Sister”

  1. Hey, nice post, and nice graphic, Felicia!

  2. Gilbert Lujan Says:

    At first glance I thought I was looking at you! You and your sister could pass for twins……both beautiful not only outside but also within! Dad

  3. MarS Says:

    OMG–your sister looks so much like you in that pic. What beautiful words, I’m sure Laura is as great a person as you Felish. My two sisters mean the world to me as do my three friends that I adopted as sisters!!
    Love the quote from Marilyn!!
    God bless you both. <

  4. meiro Says:

    Lovely post Felicia.


    • flujan Says:

      Thanks Mei— you are a true person who can appreciate the post on my sister. You are an awesome person and also a wonderful, wonderful writer!

  5. Laura Lou Says:

    You’re so sweet for posting this, my sister. I think it’s important that we all recognize what a wonderful person you are, too. And that’s why I sent the email. Love you lots.

  6. Gloria Says:

    Your post is (like Isaiah would say Awesome). Your sister is a very beautiful special daughter, sister, auntie, employee- ah– she has it all. On the other hand you’re just the same and so is your brother. God sure blessed me with 3 very special angels. Thank you.


  7. Gloria Says:

    By the way, I meant special angels that watch and care for me.

    Luv Mom

  8. *SWISH* -is teleported through vast vortex- HELP……ME….I’M….*gargling under water noise *…..dying…..- reaches out hand to grab your hand – HELP….THANK….YOU… – IS DRAGGED DEEPER INTO THE VORTEX. LEFT HAND VANISHES – HELP! HELP -grabs onto comments and begins to hoist self out – Few! I thought I wasn’t makin it outtta there alive! – swallows post – I feel well fed. Delicious post, daaaaaaaaaaarlingg

    – Ivy

    Timothy: She be 11. She lives in India, cause me parents left wif her to go sterts a backery and she vistes. She only one two go. She had a bard and mustash, but dat got legal in India, it it go bye.
    Banette: She be 10. She propir.
    Airtight Ronald. He be 9. Well, da name tells you everytin.
    Pup: He be 8. I still gotta change him’s dipers!

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