When Someone Touches Your Heart

Singing Justin Bieber Doll for a Little Girl Who Touched My Heart

Singing Justin Bieber Doll for a Little Girl Who Touched My Heart

I remember the first time I saw her over a year ago. She had long red locks of hair which I spotted from a distance. Every morning it was the same routine. The hallway of the charter school my son attends is always filled with bustling children. I can say that for me it is rare that one face ever stands out from hundreds. That small fireball had a special smile and a sweet, welcoming face. I never knew her name then. The girl was simply the nameless, cute, chubby, polite, happy, little girl with vibrant red hair, elaborate freckling, and eyelashes that were so blonde they seemed invisible. I guess since then, I knew that she seemed special. She never failed to deliver me a genuine grin- even back then. As it turned out, this year the girl is in my son’s class. Now I know her name. I am still impressed by her upbeat and friendly personality. This story is about her. She is the little girl who touched my heart today. To tell the story I have to go back to Columbus Day. I was off from work so I had volunteered in my son’s classroom for the day. That morning as the children piled in for school and put up there backpacks, I was distracted by ooohs and aaahs. When I turned around I saw “Star” touching the backpack of another little girl. She squealed in delight “Justin Bieber? Oh- you are so lucky. I love Justin Bieber.” I got a big kick out of that. Ever since that day, I wanted to get the girl a backpack. That afternoon after spending the entire day with the class “Star” asked me for my autograph. Flattered, but not really understanding why she wanted it, I penned my name as fancy as I could on her small pink notepad. This brings me to today. The class had a field trip to the Museum of International Folk Art, so I joined them. The museum educator planned an art project tied to Dia de Los Muertos for this trip. All of the children made beautiful memorial nichos for loved ones they have lost. “Star” apparently recently lost her grandfather, so her memorial was dedicated to him. On the way back to school from the museum, “Star” elected to sit by me on the bus. It was really the first time I had the chance to talk with her one on one. She asked about my son and how I liked the museum and I asked her if she would ask Santa for a Justin Bieber backpack for Christmas this year. My question sparked painful answers that I really was not prepared for. Today I learned that the sweet and kind little red head stays positive in the face of some of the toughest challenges. I was saddened to learn that: her father was fired after attending the recent funeral of his father and her grandfather; she doesn’t really see her mother because she is addicted to drugs; she lives with her grandparents; she is afraid of the dark but is trying to be brave; and she is an only child. Wow… I was floored by her revelations. I pride myself on being the best mother I can be and it chills me to think that some mothers are not there for their children. I turned to the girl and assured her that things would get better if she had faith. I assured her that no matter what problems her mother had, there was no doubt in my mind that she loved her. She seemed to find comfort in that. That was the moment- the moment I knew that I met the little girl with red hair for a reason. I cried thinking about everything on the way into town. It gave me the opportunity to talk to my son about the importance of appreciation and kindness. He too was shocked to learn about “Star’s” mother. I took my little man to have frozen yogurt and then we immediately went to buy something for the girl. I searched for a Justin Bieber backpack and couldn’t find one. There is no doubt that “Star” will be ecstatic when she discovers I did find her a singing doll. I can’t wait to see the look on her face in the morning. It will be a happy look on the face of a child who taught me a lesson and touched my heart. Now it all made sense to me. The day the girl asked for my autograph, I signed as a mother.

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13 Comments on “When Someone Touches Your Heart”

  1. Morrighan Says:

    awww that was so sweet of you!

  2. MarS Says:

    So lovely and heartwarming Felish. God put you in her path for a reason and Star will always remember you. Beautiful post.

  3. You touch the lives of so many in glorious ways. Bless you and your precious son.

  4. When you first began interacting on my blog, Blu took notice. She read your works. She told me she thought you were a beautiful human being. While I second guess her from time to time, I have learned that she tends to be right about people. Even now, I’m accounting for the margin of error I give perceptions (that based on my innate and perhaps justified distrust of people) yet I cannot help but to agree with Blu about you. True, we don’t know you personally, but you seem to be the type of person we both prefer to, at the very least, associate with. That is, to us, you seem genuine, honest, happy, full of life, passionate, loving, and very considerate. You, my friend, are what it means to be human.

    Please forgive my rambling, but I just like reading of, and seeing, this sort of thing from people, this altruism that I, myself, aspire to be capable of and to employ to thef my fellow hu This is beautiful and nothing short of inspiring. I bet “Star” sees what we see, and righty
    You’re mad cool peoples , Felicia,d very much a great example of the humanity we can show to our fellow human being, and our world.

    And now that I have the sentimental stuff out of the way, I have to say something cryptic to maintain my “Arkness” (yes, you read that right; it’s a step above darkness). So, in keeping with with said “Arkness”, I am Luke’s father. Lord Vader was a fraud.

    • flujan Says:

      OhMyGawd Sahm– what an awesome comment. Blu is so awesome. Tell her thanks for me. I think the same about her. Beauty inside is what really matters! You and Blu can both trust that I pride myself on being a good person. I may not go to church, but I can’t help but wonder if the weight of my heart will count when I’m at Heaven’s door? Damn— there’s a poem idea right there. Maybe tomorrow night! See how that just happens? Nice… I am “what it means to be human?” Awesome! Thanks Sahm. Ramble on ‘o’ Father of Luke- the Arkness may inspire… Thanks for the super cool comment and tell Blu- damn… I kinda miss her sexy lil Gravatar. Haha!!!

  5. here2havefun Says:


    Thank you for sharing your touching encounter with “Star.” You have rekindled a spark that I thought was glowing dim and that’s humanities kindness and genuine concern for one another.

    Life is seldom fair and rarely easy. Burdens and challenges are never doled out equally. Some shoulders – all too often those of innocent children – must endure weights that would crush the spirits of the strongest and seemly most resilient among us.

    All of our lives are influenced by fate, life circumstances, and perhaps most of all, by the choices we choose to make.

    You gave her a wonderful and personal gift by specifically selecting a Justin Beiber doll, but you gave her something that will enrich her soul forever – you gave her your time, your attention, your ears, your voice and your heart.

    And it is these lessons that will echo from one generation to the next. We are all inspired by your thoughtful acts of kindness and by “Star’s” unwavering courage in the face of adversity.

    Humanity’s spark grew brighter tonight as read this post.

    Thank you! – John

    • flujan Says:


      Thanks for your awesome comment. I do appreciate that. I also appreciate that you took the time to care. The spark has faded, but it is there. I am glad you feel that I did it some justice! I do hope I enriched the little girl’s soul forever. Wow John… “Humanity’s spark grew brighter” that night “as you read” that post? Wow… That makes me feel good.

      Thank you for the heartfelt comment. You seem like a good person yourself!


  6. A heart-breaking, of the tragedy of this child’s life experiences, and heart-warming, your love inspired response, story,
    Thank you, erika

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