~A French Tongue on The Weeknd~

~My new three disc “Trilogy” by The Weeknd~

I locked down the three disc “Trilogy” by The Weeknd this weekend. The compilation features remastered versions of three of the mixtapes already released by The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) who is a Canadian from Ontario. The album is all black and was released under Universal Republic Records, and The Weeknd’s very own label XO. His label so deserves to be called XO! Maybe it should even be called XOXO? Even though I had most of the tracks already, I had to support this amazing singer/songwriter. Not only did he get noticed by releasing his songs under his pen name on YouTube, but on one song that I had not heard (“Montreal”) he seductively sings in French. So awesome with lyrics to die for.


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One Comment on “~A French Tongue on The Weeknd~”

  1. […] say that I discovered and fell in love with his music long before many had even heard of him. (see A French Tongue on The Weeknd). He is an amazing songwriter with a flawless voice. Check out his lyrics to Earned It below the […]

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