Crab Cakes and Cardio


Well I learned many things after hours here in Annapolis. I’m still not up on the two hour time difference, but I’m getting there. It’s barely after 11 in good ole New Mexico! Here is a list of some things I found interesting tonight.

~I can only wonder what is going on inside the cabins of house boats on the bay. Hum?? Several people were at work and play there.

~This is a very historic site. It would take me days to write about just that. Annapolis was once the capitol of the United States. I didn’t know that.

~At least two Presidents (if not more) have deep roots here in Annapolis (GW and AL), which is awesome.

~Christmas lights were beautiful on the docks and around the bay.

~Oh and over here the Salvation Army bell ringers were two cute women. They were playing songs by request on a kazoo! Really?? Now that deserved a small donation right?

~What is the only decent seafood I have come across so far? Yes- crab cakes. Still not sure why??

~Ice cream is good to eat right before cardio! Really? What the? No really— what the??

~There are about as many runners who are into fitness as there are pubs, bars, or watering holes (whatever you like to call it) with people into drinking. I must have seen 20 pubs and 20 people running on an evening stroll in 1 hour!! Strange I know? Ummm… I prefer running~ and so that’s what I did.

~LifeFitness makes a sick-sick-sick with the sickness treadmill. Oh yes they do! The fitness center in my hotel is small, but well equip. Who doesn’t want to jam hot Ciara videos while burning off crab cakes and ice cream?

~And…a long bath is simply divine after all of thee above!

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3 Comments on “Crab Cakes and Cardio”

  1. MarS Says:

    I want some yummy crab cakes and ice cream!! Check out the 2006 movie “Annapolis” starring James Franco and Tyrese Gibson. You’ll like it, great flick. Have fun and stay safe chica.

  2. […] near the Washington Monument. I actually saw a lot of people running while I was out there (see Crab Cakes and Cardio). The Cap is working out wearing a gray, fitted Under Armour tee (awesome). He pauses for a resting […]

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