Finding My Game Face

...Game Face... Team USA~ Women's Heptathlon~ Photograph by Tony Duffy

…Game Face… Team USA~ Women’s Heptathlon~ Photograph by Tony Duffy

This week I’m going to have to dig deep to get back on track. My trip to the bay was very educational and was fuel for my mind, but I did fall off my game plan in the gym.

Tomorrow will be my first day back in the real gym for almost two weeks. There was a small gym I was able to hit it in a couple of times last week, still that was a far cry from my usual routine! I need to find my game face again!!

There is one exhibition I could kick myself for not tracking down while I was in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian Institution’s Arts and Industries Building on the National Mall displays some amazing images of women.

Why didn’t I make time to go look for “Game Face?” This exhibit and book poses the question~ “what does a female athlete look like?” The answer is~ they look *awesome! Just imagine them game facing it in a 2,500 square foot exhibition! Nice…

Maybe I can find the book? Well….. after I find my game face again! This may be one of my most favorite sites ever.
Check out Game Face for yourself.

“The exhibition at The Smithsonian shows female athletes doing what they do well: everything. Women and girls featured embody a fierceness that is quickly becoming acceptable to an American audience once unreceptive to, even disgusted by females on the field.”
–The Dallas Morning News

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