A Token of Appreciation

~Christmas Corsages~ by Felicia Lujan

~Christmas Corsages~
by Felicia Lujan

Tonight I listened to President Obama’s memorial service speech in Connecticut while I did something special for a few people from my son’s school. If I didn’t believe in connectivity I would think it was merely coincidental. It was an occurrence in sync with the world’s thoughts. I was glad that I was able to listen in while I worked with love. It was easy to absorb the words of a father and leader. I reflected on things in my own life. Obama actually included scripture that my friend Marlene posted on my site yesterday.

It is important to show Daryn’s teacher, my maternal aunt Mary (who also happens to be the secretary), another secretary, three ladies who work in the lunchroom, the principal and the assistant principal how much I appreciate them. I appreciate them making my son feel like he is more then a number. I appreciate them taking the time to smile everyday. I appreciate them helping me out when I forget my son’s breakfast in the morning or his money for school store. I appreciate them standing in the freezing cold each morning holding a little flag to make sure students cross the road safely.

My grandma Corine always loved getting a handmade corsage for Christmas. There is not one time I can remember that I made her one and she did not wear it proudly. Sometimes I miss being a floral designer. Creativity and giving both make me feel so good. In total I made seven corsages and one boutonniere. They are beautiful. I hope that each time someone compliments the flowers they wear tomorrow they remember how special they are. Hopefully this small token of appreciation will bring warmth in the cold.

~Corsage Prep~

~Corsage Prep~

~Christmas Corsage~ by Felicia Lujan

~Christmas Corsage~
by Felicia Lujan

~Gift Bags for Corsages~

~Gift Bags for Corsages~
Daryn put the bells on the gift bags.

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One Comment on “A Token of Appreciation”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Those are beautiful and so thoughtful. Thank you for being you. It is so very sad, for all families, and the whole world. Our Lord is crying for all of us we are all his children.

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