15 Years Just Pass

~My Certificate of Appreciation~

~My Certificate of Appreciation~

It seems like just yesterday… I felt like a deer paralyzed by an unrelenting glare from the headlights of my future. Now I am quickly approaching two decades of service to my home state and her citizens.

This week we had an agency staff meeting. Toward the end of the meeting, several people were acknowledged for their service to the state. The years have been recognized in increments of five. This means that only 10 years of service to my agency have been accounted for. However, I think it has really been 13 years.

During the early part of my government career, I worked for: a Governor; a State Treasurer; a State Librarian; and the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department as a Public Information Officer. Some of the positions were not permanent, but I learned something unique from each position I had.

The larger part of my career has been with the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives. I have been blessed to be employed by an agency that has been good to me. In my time with the agency, I have held five positions across two divisions and three bureaus. Each of these positions has touched part of what is referred to as the “life cycle of a record.”

I started with my agency in the late 1990s. My first position was in the Records Warehouse~ which is where active records are stored. I learned so many interesting things in that position. I am a Technical Writer and so my next goal was to qualify for a Management Analyst position.

I worked as an analyst for a couple of years. There I researched and wrote records retention and disposition schedules. These schedules are codified. Back then my old director called archives (where I am now) “the fluff.” I believe I was a natural fit for the archives as I have an undying love of history, collecting and New Mexican culture.

I have been with my current division for over a decade. It has been a great journey. Everyday I still learn something new. Everyday I meet new people. The final leg of my career has birthed a caring archivist. I genuinely love my profession and my state. It has been my honor to preserve history which will benefit generations to come.

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9 Comments on “15 Years Just Pass”

  1. Congratulations Felicia! Life is a great journey and a fun one with all the wonderful new experiences that ones encounters everyday and the people they meet. Love your wonderful posts, always wonderful and inspiring! Hope everyone is doing well, and that the little ones are going crazy with legos! hehe ^,.,^

    • Felicia Says:

      Thanks Mz. Goth! Time just passes so fast.

      Iiiiiieee… The Legos have been driving me nuts woman!

      I loved the little baby goth in her yearbook photo! Haha!! 😉

      • ^,.,^ No problem! I know, I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by.
        hahaha, aww, have they asked about the Lego land in Orlando or is that stil hush hush for now? XD
        Aww, why thank you. ❤ Hope you guys are doing well! Tons of hugs.
        Tons of Love Bites,

      • Felicia Says:

        Hi Izzy— nothin’ on the LEGO Land in Orlando yet woman! Have you seen the haunted castle LEGO set? My son has it. It’s a big ole castle with trap doors, potions, vamps, wolves, Drac, black cats, Frankenstein, you name it! It has everything you love. You have to lock that set down darkness! 😉

      • WHAT!!!???!!! Oh man! I would totally love to play LEGO’s like crazy with that castle set! Haha, I would totally act like a little kid again, I’ll play Dracula and the little guys can play as the rock star monsters, almost liek Hotel Transylvania! haha Glad to hear everything is doing well Felicia!
        Tons of Hugs,

  2. Congratulations!! Andrés

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