Published: When the Moon is So Aligned

In 2011, I was seemingly inspired and my creativity started to perk in those ways which had been missing for many years. Inspiration convinced me to research the contents of several magazines and submit some original poetry to the ones I thought I would like my writing featured in. I assumed that I would be informed if my work was selected by any of the publishers.

01-Cover page 15 Oct 2011.indd

I was never contacted by anyone, so naturally I figured my work was not selected. A little over a month ago, I became curious and decided to go online. Yes~ almost two years later! Ah~ better late than never right? I wanted to see if I could access the poems that did get selected for the magazines. I read several good poems and combed the digital pages of three magazines. That night I learned a lesson.

When submitting your work to publishers, never assume anything. I was so happy to see that my work had indeed been selected by Voices de la Luna~ A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine. The magazine published one of five poems I submitted (October 2011~ page 20). There was my name in the Table of Contents on page 3. I read “Select Poems—Part III, Mary Anne Morefield, Tatjana Debeljacki, Ian James, Felicia Lujan, Alex Millard.”

Monarch by Felicia Lujan

~The Monarch~
Original Poem by Felicia Lujan
Voices de la Luna~ A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine
October 2011 (Page 20)

It may take me another year to track down a hard copy of the magazine, but nevertheless, at least I know I made the cut. It is a popular magazine with the artistically inclined! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that “The Monarch” made it into a magazine which has a title bearing one of my favorite symbols~ the moon (luna means moon).

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5 Comments on “Published: When the Moon is So Aligned”

  1. Congratulations! 😀

  2. Gilbert Lujan Says:

    Good job!

  3. NotebookEscapeArtist Says:

    congrats!! =)
    Also, thank you for your kind comments on my poetry! Yes, I am behind on my posts, as I primarily use Tumblr for my writings and then transfer them over. ( I look forward to reading more of your writings as well! Cheers

  4. Congrats, and isn’t a lovely surprise!!

  5. sykose Says:

    Well done on being published

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