A Healthy Hike

•~Villanueva State Park Visitor Center~•

•~Villanueva State Park Visitor Center~•

Every Sunday we go to the track and eat right. Call it religious! Sunday is usually “get back on track” day. Since I’m meeting my mom and fam for lunch tomorrow I opted for fitness today in exchange.

We spent the day visiting Villanueva State Park. It was a good hike with a lovely ridge top panorama. I am always left in awe by the beauty of my state. On a rather challenging hike for a 7 year old, D didn’t complain once!

I am super tired. After finishing the hike, we walked along the river bank for a while. The weather was nice and moved from cool to hot to cool. Light sprinkles of rain were welcomed and invigorating.

I will close down the night in bed with my iPod. After an adventurous day I’m ready for some smooth beats followed by dream land and heavy Zs.

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One Comment on “A Healthy Hike”

  1. Have a wonderful lunch tomorrow!

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