Embellishment of your every
thought, in the Jetsam of a soul.
Radiate, emancipate and
then disappear into the lull.

Enchanter of the wicked
one. It is the Jettison of
hearts. Ravage the strong,
disclose the dream as if
it were an art.

Engagement joins the black
and white. Jewel of a mind
exposed. Rifling through
the secret deep to discover
doors are closed.

Emanating light within as the
questions fade to grey. Maybe
Jolts of pleasure feed the pain
when we won’t Runaway?

Enigmatic, in between, come
and Jostle with a spark.
Relegate your quiet thoughts
and leave a heavy mark.

~~~•» by Felicia Lujan
~~~•» 7.18.2013

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