A Life Filled with Words

In August of last year one of my close friends in school emailed me. It was Becky’s 20 years class reunion and she thought about me there. Over the years there have been a few friends who have remembered my love of writing. I always appreciate those who take the time to remember. I have been writing since I was just a little girl.

I have always been over analytical, contemplative and poetic. I am a writer. Am I a good writer? Well~ I must leave that up to my audience to decide! When my friend Becky emailed me in August of 2012 she said “this weekend was our 20 year class reunion! Yearbooks and school newspapers came out! Of course your beautiful poetry was in there so here it is………. You’ve always had a way with words!”

I love to be remembered for having a way with words. Below are images she sent to me. It was amazing to see what I wrote so many years ago. I was writing for the Elk’s Call Newspaper back then. It was a student newspaper at Pojoaque High School. I really enjoyed layout and design. I am indeed a knowledge eater with a huge brain and a deep appreciation for the written word.

Poem by Felicia Lujan_1990s

~From Opposite Ends~
a poem by Felicia Lujan in the 1990s

Article by Felicia Lujan_1990s

~Do Teens Have the Narcissus Syndrome~
an article by Felicia Lujan in the 1990s

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One Comment on “A Life Filled with Words”

  1. Mom Says:

    You sure have been writing since you were very young and you were very good. I have a beautiful book of poems that were written by you and your brother and sister, You are very caring and creative and a special person and great writer. I love that poem you mentioned in this article.

    P.S. I think some teenagers do have Narcissus Syndrome, that is until they get into the real world.

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