Artistically Alive



Today I had a chance to visit with my grandma. It is always fun to spend time with people who love art as much as I. I grew up making art with her. She is a Virgo like me and the characteristics of those under this sign are evident with her attention to detail in each piece.


We exchanged views of our newest works of art. She showed me many new acrylic, colored pencil, and multimedia pieces she lovingly signed~~ Emily Lujan. She has been experimenting with a high gloss, pour-on epoxy finish and she was excited to show me that. Of course I have to buy some now! The epoxy looks like glass once it dries. It is supposed to equal 60 coats of varnish in one pour!



I must say that she still does a fantastic job despite the fact that she has macular degeneration. It is sad to see a degenerative disease afflicting a woman who uses her eyes to create as if they were themselves part of the masterpiece. She was so proud of a machine my dad bought her to help her eyes see and the fact that she is teaching a weekly art class at her local senior center.

I left with one of her comments on my mind. She said “if I couldn’t make art, what good would my life be?” I feel the same. Creativity pumps through my heart with the labor of love. I find it interesting how sometimes it is indeed the arts which keep us alive.


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5 Comments on “Artistically Alive”

  1. Sahm King Says:

    I feel the exact same way. Without art… Well… I could think of no truer hell.

  2. Sahm King Says:

    Well, there is one. There is one I can think of, but art is still pretty important.

  3. purpose213 Says:

    Your Grandma sounds like a gifted and smart lady. I wonder where you get all your artistic ideas from!!
    Beautiful post Felish. 🙂

  4. Meghan Says:

    What a nice post!
    I think without creativity life would so mundane and boring. Looking forward to making art with you!

  5. Fabulous art. Art enhances life for us all.

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